The things we do for Love

We have all been there. (Please tell me I am not alone in my crazy acts of love)


This morning was just one of those times… 4:30 in the morning, I had just finished cooking Mr. J’s breakfast of chorizo and egg burritos, wrapped them in foil for him to eat on his drive in to work. I packed his lunch, gave him a kiss, and pushed him out the door.


I then turned to clean up the breakfast dishes and noticed his burritos were sitting on the counter. Quickly scooping them up, I flew out the door and ran down the street waving my arms to get his attention. I was dressed, errrr… rather not dressed for my morning sprint in one of his T-shirts, a pair of his boxer shorts and my very own bare feet.


I did not even stop to think (uhhh no kidding, huh?) that anyone who might be out and about would be calling the police. I just knew that I had to get his attention before he reached the end of the block. Just before he reached the stop sign, Mr. J looked in his rear view mirror and saw me running down the middle of the street with my arms flailing like an albatross on crack.


It was not a matter of trying to prove anything… I just did not want him to start his day without breakfast. It’s All Love!  


Is it love that makes us lose some our senses, such as common sense?


It must be love. If not, I would have sat at the table and enjoyed his burritos while sipping another cup of coffee.


It is love that has us tasting the special breakfast that our 5 year old child made for us on Mother’s Day or tasting their sticky lollypop when they wave it in front of us with begging eyes.


It is love that has us leaning down and letting our dog kiss us on the mouth. Ok, I quit doing this after watching my beloved Chance lick his balls. I KNOW where his tongue has been.


It is love that turns the silly annoyances of our loved ones into acts of endearment; such as my son pretending to ‘air’ box me every time I walk by. This reminds me, it is love that has him slipping a bottle of vitamin water into my lunch everyday.


And it is love that has them taking out the trash without being asked. Ok, that one might be the product of constant nagging in prior years…


I am curious to hear what crazy things you may have done, without hesitating to consider the risks, out of LOVE. 

(I am going to try and catch up on comments and everyones blogs today and tomorrow…)   


16 Responses to “The things we do for Love”

  1. Girly Says:

    “It is love that turns the silly annoyances of our loved ones into acts of endearment; such as my son pretending to ‘air’ box me every time I walk by.”

    This made me giggle…. both of my son’s do this to me!!

  2. Just a Mom Says:

    hmmm…the things we do for love? Does singing Hannah Montana songs count as motherly love? It’s got to count for something!

  3. joanharvest Says:

    My daughter has to stay on the Vineyard for work for the next three nights. Last night after supper I spent three hours packing food for her so she wouldn’t have to cook or eat out. 4 breakfasts which meant I had to make Vitamuffins. Four lunches which meant I grilled marinated chicken so she could make a couple of good sandwiches and packed all the veggies and bread and condiments and made one sandwich for the next day. Packed weighed out snacks so she doesn’t gain the weight back that she lost. Packed some leftover homemade suppers that she can nuke. Turkey meatloaf, roasted potatoes and green beans for one and jasmine rice and a chicken veggie stir fry for another.

    But she’s my baby and I love her.

    Oh, and I didn’t yell at my son when he called me and told me he was going to Alaska without a cent to his name. Keeping my mouth shut took all the “love” I had.

    But what would we do without love? Gotta give it. Gotta have it.

  4. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    I would have loved to seen that moment Betme!

  5. kaylee Says:

    LOLLLLLLLLLL I want to see that! How you been betme?

  6. romi41 Says:

    I am not “in love” but I do crazy things all the time…wait, is that stalking?

  7. MJ Says:

    “arms flailing like an albatross on crack” The sad part is, I know exactly what that looks like. Love is: driving to WalMart at 1am in your pj’s because your boyfriend’s patrol car’s headlight is out, there’s nowhere in his precinct to get one, and he’s on duty. So you get your no-makeup-ed butt out of bed, go get him one, and meet him in a dark alley like you’re selling drugs. *sigh* Sounds like love to me.

  8. Patrick Says:

    It is love when someone can anticipate when you are about to feel pain and start humming a tune to soothe you into a mood that can better deal with the pain.

    It is love that can make an activity you normally despise into an activity of utmost joy, where you lose track of time.

    And it is fear of love that makes it difficult to communicate these expressions of love directly to those you love…

    I think it’s time I write a letter to someone tonight…

  9. K. Trainor Says:

    “running down the middle of the street with my arms flailing like an albatross on crack.” BAhahahahaha! Such a visual!

    It is love that caused me to meet a total stranger at a truckstop at 3:30 in the morning to finalize the sale of a semi. Dh was out of state, and the poor man had to catch a ride into the state to pick up the truck he was buying from us. The closest place and time he could find the ride was with another truck driver passing through in the middle of the night, at a truckstop an hour and a half from our home. Technically, I could’ve waited until morning to meet him, but it bothered me that the poor guy was stranded there until I arrived.

    Even better–when he went to his bank branch to get a cashier’s check earlier that day, only the drive-through was open. They wouldn’t process a cashier’s check, so he brought several thousand dollars in cash to finalize the sale. We hit it off well and actually laughed about me trying to inconspicuously count several thousand dollars underneath a truckstop table at 3:30 in the morning!

  10. Sarah Says:

    Before my husband was driving he called me one night to ask if I could pick him up. He worked about 45 minutes from where we lived and I had been sleeping. It was midnight and storming so badly that I practically had zero visibility. But without even thinking about it, I put on a bra and my shoes and walked out the door to go get him.

    If that isn’t love, he can kiss my pale Irish ass.

  11. msmollie Says:

    I pick my daughter’s nose for her. Seeing her struggle for that damn booger kills me. I’ve also kissed her after seeing her eat a booger.

  12. Red Says:

    Oh my gosh, the boogie thing .. yes, I have picked the child’s boogies for her. She wont let me now and I cringe when I see a boogie hanging.

    I remember going to a public restroom with the child, and we both had our own stalls. They both turned out to be toilet paper-free. We didnt realize this when we sat down. I took one for the team and waddled to yet another stall to retrieve toilet paper for both of our asses. Yes, love.

  13. Couchptato10 Says:

    hahaha…running in a t-shirt and boxers. that’s love. I think love would taste a little better though if you had eaten the burrito XD


  14. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:


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  15. sensualist Says:

    Love will make you do more than run down the street in a tee and boxers. Love will make you laugh and cry and sometimes hold it all in to save someone else the agony of knowing you feel anything at all. Gosh! Love makes us do crazy, stupid things, but then we get to laugh about them. Isn’t life grand after all?!

  16. Lucky Says:

    I can totally picture that. hahahaha

    I’ve missed you 🙂

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