Dream a little Dream…

I chose this video because I heart Louis, especially when I am feeling a bit blue…

However, today the song has more to do with dreams themselves and less (actually nothing) to do with the blues.

I have bizarre dreams. They are wickedly scary. I am often awakened by my own screams or my hubby wakes me when I am crying. I am going to share a couple:

1.) It is very dark and I am on the street in a residential area. Someone is trying to kill me. I cannot see him, but I can sense that he is getting closer. I am running down the middle of the street and I can feel the cool pavement under my bare feet. My heart is pounding so fast.

I am searching for a place to hide, when I see my house. But, it is actually my childhood home. I run onto the porch, he is close behind me. We struggle for awhile and then I stab him in the side with a broken broom handle. I am watching his eyes. He looks scared. (as scared as I am feeling) In my dream, I can feel his warm blood running over my hands and I push the broom handle in deeper…

It is at this point that I wake up. I have had this dream a couple of times. Makes me wonder if I could actually do that to someone.

2.) This dream is quite short:

I am laying somewhere dark. I have been injured. I don’t remember how or if anyone else is around (or may have caused my injury). But, I am gagging on the blood in my throat. I cannot breath. At first I am scared and then I just let myself die. It feels so peaceful, and then the dream fades out…

Kinda creepy huh?

I shared these and a couple more with  good friend who is a licenced ‘shrink’. She asked me to keep a note book beside the bed and to write in as soon as I woke up. A dream journal. She told me that she had to do just that in college and I would be surprised by the correlation to my dream sequences and my menstruation cycle.

OK, she asked me to do this almost a year ago. But, for some reason I have never remembered to bring a notebook up to bed. I want to try this.

If anyone else is game, let me know what you find out. I am very curious.  


3 Responses to “Dream a little Dream…”

  1. Red Says:

    Yikes!! I would never go to sleep if I had dreams like that.
    I have wicked ass dreams only when I take Nyquil before bedtime. Other than that, the only dreams I have are wet ones.
    I hope you get somethin’ figured out .. that’s awfully disturbing.

  2. Wendy Says:

    Those are some intense dreams! I bet when you wake up in the morning you don’t feel rested. I have some sleep/dream problems myself, so I’m hip to the problem. It sucks.

  3. betme Says:

    Red~ it is not an every night occurance or I would do my best to keep from nodding off. I do have some dreams that I would like to forward to Salvador Dali. One that I have had on multiple nights looks as if it could have come from some of his paintings.

    Most nights my dreams are whacky… you know the type… where you start out in a car, part way thru the dream you are on a bike and you wonder what happened to your car… then you are on foot… suddenly you are in another place.. and you are asking yourself how did I jump here in my dream?

    If I start out laying in bed, day dreaming… my thoughts usually manifest themselves in some form in my dream. This can be good or bad.

    Most of my dreams are odd, but not so upsetting.

    Yes Wendy ~ I often awaken more tired than before climbing into bed. Hubby says some night he thinks I am running a marathon in my dreams. On the few occasions that I took OTC sleep aids, I got a fantastic night sleep…

    However they mess with my head and leave me feeling depressed for days.

    I choose happy, yet sleepy ~ over well rested and sad.

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