Quirky mememe stuff

Taken from an earlier post Quirky is as quirky does and given a spot all it’s own:

 1.) I don’t panic under duress. I once carried on what resembled a normal phone conversation while I was impaled on a fence. I saw no reason to worry my husband while he was driving. Once I hung up the phone I blacked out for a bit because of the searing pain. 

     2.) My deepest phobia is being crushed by tons of concrete. So I do my best to never sit in traffic under an overpass. I will run a red light to keep from sitting under the rumbling traffic over my head. I keep my windows rolled up so that I cannot hear a Semi-truck pass over my head. The very thought can send me into a panic attack. This can make my commute in the concrete city very tricky. I would rather eat a spider than sit for any length of time under the ‘tomb of death’.

     3.) I once spent an entire day (at work) making a ransom note that I sent to my son’s commanding officer in Iraq. This note earned me the mark of one of the funniest, if not insane, parents of a Soldier in my son’s unit.

     4.) I cannot stand the taste of coffee but still drink about 4 large cups a day because I find it very soothing. In fact a cup before I go to bed helps me relax and fall off to sleep.

     5.) I have eaten ’road-kill’. In high school my girlfriend hit a pheasant and we stopped to see if it was still alive.  Nope! So we did the only right thing. We brought it home, cooked it, and ate it. There, I admit it. I am Couuuuuuntry!

     6.) I have pulled a calf. No, this is not related to tipping a cow. (which I have witnessed but never done) Pulling a calf consists of sticking your arm way up into the back-end of a pregnant cow and helping her turn the breach calf. You then help her by pulling while the cow delivers the calf. This is extremely messy, But, perhaps one of the most awesome nature inspiring events that I have been a part of. It is extremely weird feeling her contract her muscles with your arm inside of her. The experience was almost enough to make me a vegetarian… Nah, wouldn’t happen.

One Response to “Quirky mememe stuff”

  1. scifialiens Says:

    Sorry it took so long to answer your Canada questions–but here goes. No, we don’t generally eat the road kill. When driving through Canada, remember the animals are wild, and anything with teeth, claws, horns, or antlers may decide to take a bite of you if you get too close. Bigger animals with these features may try to kill you, but it’s nothing personal. Sometimes road kill may be given to reserve residents if the hide is useable for leather products like vests or moccasins–at least in one province (like a State, only bigger.) The meat is not considered edible, as the animal may have suffered severe trauma with internal bleeding and shattered bones fragments.
    Mounties do dress in red serge (heavy cotton,) and ride horses, but mostly on Canada Day (July 1st,) when they’re in a parade. The rest of the time, they either wear a modern uniform or go ‘plainclothes.’ A Mountie still has the power to detain and arrest you, no matter what he or she is wearing. (I watched an episode of ‘COPS,’ where it said, “COPS, Naked!” but they weren’t. Tough to pin the badge on, apparently.)
    Most Canadians are bilingual, in that we speak metric and standard. French, not so much. Me, I’m working on Spanish.
    You might not find my book in a ‘brick and mortar’ bookstore, although they can order it in for you. It’s also available on the Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iUniverse.com sites to name a few.

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