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I am a bad Parent

December 3, 2008

… Or so I have been told. And this time it was not by one of my sons, which is kind of nice.

My ever so gorgeous, wonderful, caring, hardworking (holding down two jobs), college enrolled son called and informed me that his girlfriend of 4 plus years is pregnant. This would be son number two, who is 20… Son number one, has informed me that now that son number two has spawned, he is free of all responsibility of providing me with a grandchild.

Back to son number two who I will refer to as JD… JD and Melissa have been an item since forever it seems. No one was surprised when they moved in together two years ago. And many, myself included, knew it would only be a matter of time before they got married and started a family. They have both discussed and want children.

When I got the call yesterday I screamed out in delight. Now of course it would be easier on them if they were finished with college… And it might have been more appropriate had they actually said their vows BEFORE producing. But, he is his momma’s child and therefore is bound to do things backwards from time to time.

That being said, he is a good kid. Having worked at Safeway for a number of years, he has worked his way up the ladder and will be interviewing for a Manager position next week. He also puts in a number of hours working at a machine shop along with his classroom schedule at ASU. He works hard, sets goals, and strives to better himself. (yeah, I brag a lot)

… I think I did all right in the parenting department, or at least I thought so until a coworker berated me.

It seems I should have chewed his butt. Let him know that I was not happy. Maybe thrown in an explicative or two about his trampy girlfriend to punctuate my point.

But, that would all be lies. I am not mad and his girlfriend is FANTASTIC! I cannot wait for the arrival of the little bundle of joy.