What I am willing to share…

I really enjoy reading what other bloggers put in their “About Me” page. Yet, I have put off filling in this section for a few reasons.

1.) I am a procrastinator – and have been ‘meaning’ to do it since my first post.

2.) I have hit a mental block and can think of nothing witty to enter.

3.) … and perhaps most importantly, It is none of y’all’s business. (just kidding)

Here it is in a nut-shell. I am happily-sappily married. I have three sons, well five if you include my husbands two grown sons. I like love sports – All sports except boxing. I don’t understand the need to watch people beat each other senseless.

I love to read, but don’t set aside enough time lately to get deep into a book.

I cook with intense passion. I have a lasagna recipe that will make you weak in the knees. I also enjoy creating new recipes. My spice collection is growing out of control and I have yet to find a cookbook that did not want to come home with me.

I enjoy the time that I spend with WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Veterans. The stories that they share are encredibly heartwarming, sometimes heart-wrenching. I am saddened that a big part of our history is dying every day.

I am crass, but only on the Internet. This is my place to let out my pseudo self. It is only on a VERY rare occasion that anyone ever hear me curse aloud. You know… all about appearances in my world.

I wear a suit to work, but kick my shoes off the second I come thru the door and they remain off until it is time for me to leave.

Given the chance, I would rather be living in a cabin, at the side of a lake, deep in the Rocky Mtns… far from traffic, crime, and noise. I could very easily be a hermit.

This is where I want to live…


What else…. I would give my life for my sons without batting an eye. But, I think that could be said about most parents.

My husband ‘gets me’ and that is saying a great deal. If you need to know anymore, send me the questions. I will do my best to answer… providing that you pay me enough. (yes, I do except both gold and chocolate bullion)


8 Responses to “What I am willing to share…”

  1. romi41 Says:

    That’s really sweet; I like hearing about your relationship, ’cause seriously, I’m hard-up for some of that happy-sappy, so it’s nice to know it exists! 😉

  2. betme Says:

    Romi ~ It is out there! Believe me it is not always a walk in the park. Our first year we ‘almost’ left each other a 1/2 dozen or more times. In fact the first week were were driving to the lawyers office to file an annulment. What stopped us from following thru… is that neither of us would claim to have been drunk at the time of the wedding. (Yes, we got married on a whim in Vegas)

    Our pride kept us from ending it! 😀 And now a love, that grows deeper with each passing year, sacrifice and compromise, bind us together.

    All of that and the ability to laugh our asses off at and with each other.

    When we first dated, neither of us thought the other had a sense of humor because we are both so good at sarcasm.

  3. Wendy Says:

    We got married in Vegas too! It wasn’t really a whim per se, we’d been together for a few years at that point, but my husband didn’t tell me we were getting married until about two hours before we did it.

    We’ve got three kids, and also like you we both laugh our asses off at and with each other. Sometimes we think we’re probably the only people who find each other funny.

    I love your dream property. My God it would be such a great relief to look out the window and see that every day!

  4. Allison Says:

    Amen to taking business clothes off the minute you hit the door. If I could get away with it, I would change into my p.j.’s at work on my way out. I got a pair of p.j. pants with pockets for Christmas. Pockets. I love those pants 🙂

  5. betme Says:

    Allison ~ It has been driving me batty (er) since I fisrt saw your picture. You look like you could be my sister-in-law’s twin. I am going to email you her pic… I will have Betme in the subject line so that you know it is not spam.

  6. bibomedia Says:


  7. Scottie Says:

    mmmmm….chocolate bullion 😉

  8. SEO Boot Camp Says:

    I enjoyed your writing style and I’ve added you to my Reader. Keep these posts coming.

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