Where the heck are all the batteries?

I swear… I cannot find two batteries that have enough charge to allow me to click one little picture of my bed. WTH?

I have searched high and low through this house; removing the batteries from the smoke detectors. Not one was strong enough to turn my camera on.  (which makes me wonder if they are too tired to alert me should I burn down the kitchen?)

I dumped the batteries out of my TV, stereo, and DVD remotes… Not enough juice to electrocute a gnat. (although, the amount needed for that experiment has yet to be tested by me)

I even went as far as to go through my special drawer in the night stand and try out the batteries in my special toys.  But, after I was through testing the toys I forgot what I was looking for… hehehe.

Tonight I will stop by the store and restock my battery supply. Oy, life is an never ending challenge.


7 Responses to “Where the heck are all the batteries?”

  1. joanharvest Says:

    You are too funny!! My daughter is a battery collector. She has batteries of all sizes and buys them in bulk. But then she buys toilet paper and paper towels in bulk too.

  2. trishatruly Says:

    If I need a “C” battery then all I have are AA’s but if I need AA’s then I only have AAA’s!! I have been known to rob the smoke detectors, too!

    Hope you enjoyed playing with your toys! 👿

  3. Just a Mom Says:

    Hey at least the important batteries worked! 🙂

  4. Don Smith Says:

    You made me smile. I had not thought of it in years, but your “Where are the batteries” brought it back to mind.

    Long time ago, a sheriff in a small town in Kansas, rented a video camera and took it home for the weekend. His wife, a waitress in a local beanery was the star of the movie, which to say was kind of risque to say the least.

    So they played with the camera and made “their movie” in one scene she is sitting on the bed totally naked with a vibrator and it will not work and she keeps saying “it must be the batteries.”

    One error, a critical error was made.

    The husband forgot to remove the tape from the camera when he returned it to the store at the end of the weekend.

    Some two days later when she returned to work, she noticed that day, that each and every one of her customers, instead of leaving a tip for service.

    Just drank their coffee and then left a couple of batteries on the counter!

    It still makes me smile.

    Nice to see you are back girl.


  5. Taoist Biker Says:

    I bought 32 batteries to take with us to Indianapolis to the motorcycle race, and plowed through about 20 of ’em!

    Dang cameras can eat some batteries.

    As for the special nightstand drawer batteries, some of my female friends swear they keep brand new batteries on hand just for that purpose, and put new batteries in for each use rather than take a chance on the batteries dying at a frustratingly inopportune moment, heheh.

  6. DNR Says:

    Ok – so I live in the gutter, and I’m still a guy (with a pair) and what’s wrong with Mr J thinking breathing is an invitation… It is, isn’t it?

    Any way, I was going to say some smart ass, sexual something or other about the “pictures of the bed”, “not having batteries”, “the toys had batteries”, “why did I need more batteries” statements but I read the other post and was forced to understand it was tall yet comfy new bed… is it too tall to bend ov… never mind, I digress again. What about spring? Does it have enough spring?

    digressed again

    Yes, pictures…

    I’m going to go now.

  7. Sarah Says:

    Oooh, I totally have a drawer in my fridge full of batteries. Crispers are good for keeping batteries fresh.

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