Which do you want first?

The Good News or the Bad News?


I will go ahead with the good news, hoping it will soften the bad news. I have my new cell phone /camera /data processor /MP3 player /video camera /video gamer /organizer /calendar /calculator /baby maker… ok, nix the last one.


It is here and as you can see from the prior phone picture:



It was well over do.


Here it is in all it’s shiny glory.



I may never know how to make it do ANYTHING when I want it to, but it is here. I have exactly one number stored at this point: “AAA-Hunk of a Hubby! Mr. J”


When he called me this morning I was so busy being impressed with the name that was displayed, that I forgot to actually answer the call. Now I have to find out how to retrieve messages. So my day is pretty much spent.


… And for the bad news:


In the house on the corner lives a sweet elderly couple. The Chungs have lived on the corner for at least ten years. Mrs. Chung always cracked me up when she was out walking with her stick. She must be in her eighties… Although tough to understand, there was never any mistaking the smile and the wave of her stick and when she was upset the stick took on another life. She would tap the sidewalk vehemently and rattle off something that if one could understand, would probably make us all blush. And there was Mr. Chung, who was seen twice a day walking his Jack Russell terrier. I never received more than a polite nod and a lopsided partial smile from Mr. Chung, but there was always a look of approval when he looked over my flower beds.


Last night we saw their son putting up a for sale sign. Fearing the worse, I asked Mr. J to stop and ask if every thing was alright with our elderly neighbors. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit…


Sunday evening as Mr. Chung was coming in from a walk, he was beaten and robbed. He was just released from the hospital last night. Whatever happened to respect for the elderly? Was it not enough to take this man’s possessions? Why the hell did they feel they had to beat him as well?  


Hugs go out to the Chung family.


 (this picture ganked from quizilla )


We only have 3 ½ months and we will be posting our sign and getting the hell out of Dodge as well.  

16 Responses to “Which do you want first?”

  1. boundandgags Says:

    People suck. Fucking parasites.

  2. Just a Mom Says:

    Prayers and hugs go out to the Chung’s as well as to yourself!
    It’s news like this that keeps me believing in the death penalty.

  3. Peter Parkour Says:

    Honestly, your neighborhood needs a neighborhood watch at includes towers manned by snipers. My heart goes out to the Chungs and you. 😐

    Hearing of such things really gets my Hate & Anger going. 👿

  4. joanharvest Says:

    I wish I had been there with my stick to protect him. That sucks. I just don’t understand crap like that. I hope he is OK. I’ll be glad to see you get out of that place.

    On the good side, your new cell looks cool. There’s an awful lot of buttons on it though.

  5. Sarah Says:

    I’m so angry and concerned at the same time. Hopes and prayers going out to the Chungs and you and your family as well.

    And like Joan said, the new cell looks really cool!

  6. Wendy Says:

    So sad. ♥ ♥ to the Chung family.

  7. Girly Says:

    That is terrible! 😦 What is wrong with people??? Glad you are getting out of there.

    My son has that same phone… our graduation gift to him!

  8. Taoist Biker Says:

    Peter Parkour is right. Glad to hear about the imminent D-Day of Operation: Exodus.

  9. Red Says:

    Wow. Just wow. That is so incredibly sad. You guys will continue to stay in my thoughts and prayers, and now the Chungs will be there, too.
    And yes, cool phone!

  10. Matt Says:

    That’s sickening. I hope all turns out well.
    Regarding the phone, it doesn’t matter if you know how to do anything with it or not…just knowing you might SOME DAY be able to do cool things is worth it!

  11. trishatruly Says:

    Move before you become the next victim! Sorry about the Chungs. It ain’t right.

    Nice phone, though.

    ps.Tag, you’re it! Meme -Six Word Memoir.

  12. Don Smith Says:

    Hey! I found you another:


    Sorry to hear about your neighbors, we live in a land of predators now, it is reverting back to the law of the jungle

    Only the strong survive.

    But don’t worry ……… It will more than likely get worse.


  13. K. Trainor Says:

    I’m with boundandgags: “People suck. Fucking parasites.”

  14. Allison Says:

    Go, run, flee!!!

    Totally off topic, but I notice you’ve been giving credit for where you find your pictures. Have you always done this? If not, did somebody tell you that you needed to, or did you decide that it was technically the legal/right thing to do?

  15. romi41 Says:

    That is soo horrible….gah, beating up the elderly…seriously? I am SOOO glad you’re getting out of there!!

  16. mistermanly Says:

    Hi b,

    I like the “OK” button on your new calculator, ah, phone. I assume it’s presence means the device inquires as to your general condition every few minutes and, if you fail to press OK, it calls 911.

    Mister Manly

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