No Holding Back

My dear friend  Mario the plumber came by the office yesterday afternoon. Mario is a breath of fresh air in my smoggy city, the sun peeking thru on a stormy day, a flower rising up thru the crack in the sidewalk… (I could do this all day)


We talked for a couple hours about life and death. We shared our wisdom on the insane land prices where he lives, as his neighborhood just might be the only place in the country where prices continue to escalate. We laughed about the photography studio, around the corner, that everyone knows is really a front for a whore house. And we talked about his cancer, the surgery, his prognosis, and further testing.


He offered to show me his scar that runs from his belly button to his kibbles and bits. I politely declined. I mean, if you have seen one you have seen them all. (Scars, I mean scars)


He also talked in great detail about having his catheter removed. He left me cringing in pain and I don’t even have a tube crammed up my stuff. He shared the anxieties he felt about having a “drippy faucet” the rest of his life. Thankfully he will not need to borrow his wife’s maxi pads as the dripping stopped after a few minutes. (It was so sweet of him to pass this on to me.)


I adore Mario. Although 20 some years my senior, we can talk about anything and everything, with no worries of offense or embarrassment.  


I love sharing everything with Mr. J, but it is kind of nice to have a Mario in my life as well. Like a small child, Mario says what is on his mind, never holding back. Sometimes I wince at the vulgarities of his openness. But I would not change one thing about my Mario.


Who else would have the nerve to shout to me from across the parking lot as he pulled out, “Tell that husband of yours to flush a box of tampons down the drain, so that I will have a legitimate reason to stop in and have coffee with ya’ll.”


8 Responses to “No Holding Back”

  1. Dave Says:

    Polish is much overrated. And charm? It can ambush you when you least expect it. You go, Mario. And, bless your heart. 😉

    How true. Its always nice to see exactly what is coming.

    As for the “bless your heart” – Mario would have answered, “There’s nothin’ wrong with my heart. Ya need to be blessin’ other parts of me so that I don’t none of that Viagree stuff.”

  2. TracyS Says:

    I love people like Mario! They truly are a breath of fresh air!

    Hey Tracy, it’s been a long time. My brain is mushy… You are the same tracy from TB aren’t you? If not hugs anyway. 🙂

  3. Just a Mom Says:

    Mario sounds like a great person. You better start flushing!! 🙂

    Mario is a card. He is a captivating story teller. I will find a reason for him to come over, but it will not be the dreaded tampons.

  4. trishatruly Says:

    Everyone needs a Mario. He sounds like a great guy. I hope he remains healthy and drip-free.

    Trisha, I wish I would have been recording him as he described placing a maxi pad in his drawers 😀 and about stocking up on jumbo boxes of pads from Sams.

  5. mistermanly Says:

    Hi b,

    One of the few times I screamed like a little girl was the first time I went after having a catheter removed. It wasn’t the pain, but the surprise at where it hurt. One would think that the hospital staff could have the decency to issue a warning.

    Mario, in my opinion, is a perfect name for a plumber, and the one you know sounds like an excellent person.

    Mister Manly
    This is one of those times that I give you manly men the right to scream. I don’t think anything should ever be shoved up there. IMHO Perhaps I should start a petition to get the hospital staff to issue the proper warning for ya’ll.

    Mario is a great name for my plumber. He reminds me of Mario on the video game Mario Brothers.

  6. K. Trainor Says:

    *ahem* It’s been my experience that the kibbles come in a variety of styles, but the bits are pretty much all the same.

  7. betme Says:

    K. T. ~ Hahahahahahahaha… I am going to take your word for it.

  8. Patrick Says:

    I think everyone needs a friend like Mario, someone you can just say, scream, act, joke, be honest with, without needing to prepare words ahead of time.

    Indeed, people you would purposely create accidents for……just to set up scenes to accidentally on purpose bump into each other…..and have the resulting spontaneity make the experiences feel like a new discovery every time thoughts are exchanged.

    Thanks for the post, and helping me realize to be aware of those moments each day filled with opportunities to hear somebody’s story….that if I just be more aware….someone really wants to share….


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