Day Ten

Here it is, day ten of the diet from Hell. It is confirmed, the process involved in losing weight sucks. Lettuce with lite vinaigrette dressing sucks. Grilled or baked chicken and fish suck. Steamed Veggies… yes, they suck as well and I am not talking about the sensual term. I am talking about suck ass.


Sure, I have dropped five of the ten pounds that I was going for… But, is this crap worth it?


I used to be a sweet, and delightful, some naïve persons might have even referred to me as a pleasant girl. (Quit laughing, I was once.) Then I decided to diet and became a food deprived bitch. I would like to offer up a big FU to Miss Jenny Craig and the bunch. I need mashed potatoes smothered in butter and gravy; pasta with pesto – pasta with marinara – pasta with a creamy alfredo sauce.   


 (This picture was ganked from )


I long for garlic bread with fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Ooooooh and Pizza


And don’t think about getting me started on the deserts that are begging to be eaten. It is fricken criminal to deny myself of cheese cake.


Ya’ll will have to excuse me while I graze over to my disgusting bowl of rabbit food and TRY to curb the cravings.


I swear I can smell doughnuts in my sleep.


All this torture, just so that I can feel a tad bit less self-conscious when we head to the lake, is it worth it?


If my willpower dips much lower I will fold. Then I will either let the spare jigglies hang out and scare the small children or go swimming in my ski gear



(This picture was ganked from )


Just wondering… If we truly are what we eat, will I look like this in a few more weeks?















(This picture was ganked from…/the_lettuce_dilemma.html )


15 Responses to “Day Ten”

  1. Peter Parkour Says:

    I feel your pain and fear I may look like a fudge-cicle right now. 😦 If I do, at least I’ll finally have a tan I can show off. 😛

  2. betme Says:

    Dang Spidey… I love me some fudge cicles. YUMMY I wonder how many calories are in one? Could I stop at one? Good thing you are far from here… Looking like a fudge cicle coud get you eaten (and not in a good way)

  3. MJ Says:

    Guh. I hate dieting. But it seems like that’s all I ever do these days. Lean Cuisines, granola, coffee, and water… those are my four food groups…. well that, and cake.

    Oh, and fudge-cicles are really low cal, generally.

  4. morethananelectrician Says:

    Yeah! Doughnuts!

    Booo! Lettuce!

  5. Just a Mom Says:

    Have you ever noticed the word DIET contains the word die!

    I love how you documented your ganking! 🙂

  6. Dave Says:

    Be of good faith.

    I feel like a fruit bat (or is it fruit fly?), but it’s working.

    I didn’t feel like posting that link, but if you’ll email me, I’ll be glad to pass it on.

  7. betme Says:

    MJ ~ I am not sure why we do it to ourselves? I think the 4 food groups should be: Chocolate, Steak, Wine, and Pasta

    ElectricDude ~ Kind of catchy with the name huh? I really want a blueberry cake doughnut RIGHT NOW.

    JAMom ~ to die for…

    Yeah, I am trying to end litigation before it ends up in court. Some fool will end up suing me for my salad dressing and I will be left with plain lettuce.

    Dave ~ Thanks for coming over. The email is sent 🙂

  8. Wendy Says:

    Dieting…ugh! And the horror of it is that after a few days (and a few pounds) you start reasoning with yourself just like you’re doing now, you start thinking, “Why did I ever want to lose that stupid weight in the first place? I was happy, dammit!” I do the same thing when I quite smoking. After about a day I’m like, “Hey, what’s so bad about smoking? I was happy, dammit!” But don’t listen to me, I’ve been told by many-many people that I’m a terrible influence. You’re doing great. Yay betme!

  9. joanharvest Says:

    Now, now, everybody. You must have known when you wrote this that I would show up. YOU DON”T DIET!!! EVER!!! You change your eating habits. ha ha!!!! Changing your eating habits sucks too. It’s taken me 15 months to learn not to eat the crap I used to and to mostly get over the cravings. It’s probably like a crack addict craving crack only I crave a giant pepperoni pizza and a whole lot of other good crap too. I hate changing my eating habits but I don’t diet according to weight watchers!!

  10. romi41 Says:

    Day 10, you’re in double-digits! That is definitely something to be pleased about…I hope you feel as good as you want to when you’re out and about this summer 🙂

  11. Taoist Biker Says:

    I can always go on a weight-lifting diet and drop some weight, but that means I eat out of a blender and never with my wife and son, and that reeeallly makes the lil’ lady unhappy.

    So I’m doing the laps in the pool whenever I can and having protein bars for lunch at work and hoping that somehow makes a difference.

  12. trishatruly Says:

    Hang in there ! When Mr. J. gets a good look at that gorgeous body of yours at the lake, you’ll be mighty glad you gave up the cheesecake ! We’ll all be asking “where’s our betme?” and you’ll be snoggin’ the mister!
    😉 😉 😉 😉

  13. betme Says:

    Wendy ~ I told myself that once I hit forty I did not have to look ‘hot’ any more. I deserved to be able to let myself be pleasantly jiggly. Well, muffin tops and turkey gobbler arms are not as pleasant as I had assumed. When do we get to let go and take on the grand-motherly look? Mr. J says NEVER. So, I head back to the lettuce bowl and the stair-master… And let out a few ‘shits’, a couple ‘damns’ and a low mumbled ‘fuck.’ Perhaps I should take up smoking… (oooh, you are a bad influence on me) 😉

    Joan ~ You can call it a well managed eating experience. I call it HELL. 😀 I don’t know if I have the will power to get over the 15 month hump. Donuts are my crack.

    Romi ~ I am going to do this. I may bitch about it every step of the way. But, I am a winner… I mean I am a loser. A weight loser. Yeah…

    Taoist B ~ You are one of those dedicated body people that I can only aspire to be in the presence of. Hmmm… I wonder how those protein bars would taste dipped in hot fudge sauce?

    Trisha ~ Your words are a true inspiration! What better reason to stay true to the plan than the vision of snoggin’ Mr. J?

  14. Taoist Biker Says:

    Uh, yeah, if you looked at me you wouldn’t say, “Damn, to bask in the presence of this Dedicated Body Person!” I’m 5’9″ and somewhere between 195-200. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t bad, but I ain’t exactly inspiring, either.

    Honestly, I’ve found a few protein bars that aren’t too bad at all. My current fave is the Met-RX “Big 100” bar in “Crispy Apple Pie” flavor. 400 cal, 31g protein per. Not bad for a meal replacement.

    And I agree with Trisha, a good snoggin’ is the best reason. 😀

  15. betme Says:

    Taoist B ~ That is a lot of protien for one bar isn’t it? Does it keep you feeling full for very long? Mr. J is about the same height and weight as you. (he might be a tad bit heavier) Some would say that is too heavy for that wieght… But he is pretty bulked up.

    Both Mr. J and I have been very lax about hitting the gym this past year…

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