Embracing your inner Skank

I would like to thank Miss Ella  ( ellaSays: You know you look like a skank don’t you? ) for the idea for today’s post. Without her inciteful insightful, yet barbed, observation I might not have taken this opportunity to point out the importance of letting it all hang out from time to time.

We all have one, some keep her better hidden… perhaps even from themselves. But she is in there, begging to come out and play.

Inside of each of us hides a dirty little girl.

cue the theme music:

It was not Mommas fault. She dressed us up

and sent us off to school… looking like little ladies…

But, we have always been pulled to the earth, to our dirty side…

Our inner Princess is just begging for some dirt.

Our parents scold and still we find ourselves right back in it.

Down ‘N Dirty… thru and thru… We have Issues!

Our primal urges only intensify with age…

 Some of us are able to totally let go … We are so naughty!

Some of us are a tid bit more reserved…

Come on… sing it with me… Down N Dirty…

(makes ya wanna unbutton a button doesn’t it?)

Oh sure, we must keep up appearnaces… We can wash it off, and clean up for the office.


But we know, deep deep down that there is a part of us that is just screaming to get dirty.

Let her out! Let her play… And if the Ellas out there in their scared, pent-up world feel they need to call us skanks… Let them fling the mud.

Cuz, I like being a bit Down ‘N Dirty… I am not afraid to embrace it. I love the dirty side, I love the skank in me.

Ok, I am sad to say that the picture I tried to scan from the newspaper is too faded. You will have to envision me in all my glory, covered with mud from head to toe. I was featured as the proud winner of the women’s division of the mud obstacle course! (Yes, I rocked the Mud!)

At the office, I keep the conservative image in tact… but, I have my skanky side which I fully embrace.

Sorry, you have to settle for a mudless …  shot.

And at the end of it all… We are all drawn right back to the primal dirt road…

We will always yearn to feel just a little bit dirty…


Embrace it… roll in it… Down ‘N Dirty … Ya just don’t have to let everyone know your little secret. 😉

20 Responses to “Embracing your inner Skank”

  1. wrjones Says:

    Absolutely beautiful series of photos with a great ending.

  2. Taoist Biker Says:

    Nothing sexier than seeing the down & dirty girl break out of the pink-princess suit. Whoa-ho-ho!

  3. joanharvest Says:

    Great post, great pictures. Love it. I want to get down and dirty. The problem is, once I get down I can’t get up. I still don’t have one of those things around my neck where I can yell “Help me, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” I want to mud wrestle or at least roll around in it. Probably wrestling isn’t a good idea at this point in my life. I’d like to go to one of those places where they have healing mud baths. My inner skank is ready to skank out.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I love mud. I like to get dirty, but then I also like to get clean. I absolutely love this post!

  5. grandmasheri Says:

    The other day I played in the mud with my granddaughters. We had a great time. I have no problem with a little dirt…after all, it’s all over my house…tracked in, blown in, carried in on the bottoms of waffle bottomed shoes…and the dogs pack it in…I guess you could say I am down and dirty…and a skank…well, a slightly aging, in my dreams skank…I know my husband likes a lady during the day and the more exciting side at night…Yup…a little dirt now and then never hurt anyone…great post…and thanks for the comment on The Procrastinator Post. You get it done, girl and spread the word…it may save your life…

  6. Patrick Says:

    Again, wow. There is so much stimulation here…just can barely talk. Life is too short, I feel, to try all of your ideas, and I’ve only read two posts here so far!
    I’m still hung over on the duct tape and playing it over and over in my mind and now mud!!!!
    I’m already behind on the weekend, but will try to fit your themes into my activities the next two days.
    I was only able to skim through some of your older writing quickly, but think I did notice you really make use of the ‘strikeout’ editing feature well.

    Incite….insight….. I love the punning…and again…..I would like a measurement of my brain chemistry pre, during, and post reading your blog.


  7. Peter Parkour Says:

    Dirty girls are hot. It’s only right to offer them a cold drink, right? 😉 Great post.

  8. betme Says:

    WRJones ~ Aw shucks, your kind words make me blush…

    Taoist B ~ I was discussing this issue with Mr. J … He said it is sexy ONLY if the dirty woman who evolved from the sweet little princess is NOT your daughter. 😀

    Joan ~ reflecting back on your flag picture, I know you have a dirty little girl in there. You had me ROFLMAO at the thought of you pushing the emergency call button and explaining to 911 that you were trapped in a ‘dirty’ moment and couldn’t get up.

    Sarah ~ I think if you were to splash a little mud on your cleavage the next time you were pulled over, the officer might have a minor coronary situation. Dirty ta-tas are hot.

    Sheri ~ First and foremost… I am scheduling my probing. Not happy about it, but I am knocking it out next month. Kudos to you for introducing your granddaughters to the dirty side, passing wisdom from generation to generation. I LOVE the feel of the earth between my toes. You are right about the hubbies’ views. They seem to love us all Librarian-like with the general public, and want a bit of the dirty side to ooze out when the bedroom door closes.

    Patrick ~ Remember, I said baby steps. Oh heck you are young, jump in and try all my ideas simultaneously. Only one drawback: IF you are arrested, you cannot splash mud on you breastesess and wink your way out of it.

    I would like to hear about your brain chemical test results as well. I am confident that a NORMAL person’s brain activity drops to a level slightly above brain dead in order to absorb the full meaning of my words. It is a self defense mechanism.

    Spidey ~ You are always so thoughtful. I would like a fresh squeezed lemonade please. 🙂

  9. trishatruly Says:

    Playing in the dirt today, getting D.’s flower beds in order. He liked the dirty me, too! I got some company in the shower later! Hmmmmm….oh yeah…..dirty girls rock!
    What a great post!! Bravo for reminding me how good it feels.

  10. Red Says:

    Yep, love it! The pictures are great . . is that one .. .. you?
    The child and I have mud pie parties allatime!

  11. betme Says:

    Trisha and Red ~ You two are so dirty. 😀 It is no wonder D and the Mister are so hot for ya!

    (yes, the skanky shot is me… 😉 )

  12. Red Says:

    Wow .. sexxxxxy!

  13. ella Says:

    ha ha ha NOT

  14. Sarah Says:

    Um, I should have realized that the one picture was you but I was too afraid to ask (didn’t want it to come out the wrong way, thank you Red for doing it) and I just really want to say…You are hot!

  15. K. Trainor Says:

    Embracing your inner skank…..I love it! What a neat piece. Er…I mean….written piece, not the other piece… *chews on ankle*

    That pic is really you? Betme, you’re HOT! 😀 (Psst! Can I borrow your hair for the weekend? Dh hates that I cut mine short. He’d loooove for me to embrace get muddy with that hair. lol!)

  16. K. Trainor Says:

    *embrace my inner skank and get muddy…

    See what happens when I toggle between two windows at once?

  17. Patrick Says:

    If it’s okay, can I ask a ‘help desk’ question? I like the way you use pictures in this post. I am not good with faces from the public, so can I ask if those are pictures you took, people you know, or are some of the pictures from elsewhere?

    I am trying to incorporate more pics in my blog, but so far have only used some from my tiny camera. If I use pics from elsewhere, and draw in some cartoon bubbles to make comedy, do I need to say where I got the original source? Or let’s say I just get a pic of Kobe Bryant from the general web…can I do that?

    Thanks…and sorry for being so formal…as my blog is still in its first month, but I’ve already discarded by diapers!

  18. Taoist Biker Says:

    Hell, I’D like to borrow that hair. 😀

  19. betme Says:

    Red and Sarah ~ Uh… Thanks, although ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ never entered my head with that picture. All I see are fat thighs…

    Ella ~ Ya know I love you anyway… Bless yur Heart.

    K.T. ~ *whew* Thanks for clearing that up. I was a tad bit worried as to where you were going. 😉 My hubby threatens to leave me every time I mention getting my hair cut. It is too blasted hot in Texas for long hair.

    Feel free to borrow it any time you would like, but you might want to let Taoist Biker have a turn.

    Patrick ~ Some of pictures on my blog are pictures that I have taken, but a great deal of them are ‘borrowed’ from the internet. I don’t have photoshop capabilities (or knowledge) and have never altered any pictures that I use. Maybe someone will jump in and clear up the issues of copyright. I fear that I am an offender and should post more links.

    You blog is very organized for being so new.

    Taoist B ~ Get with K.T. on the hair issue. Because of the heat, I am giving it to the first taker. (Come October, or whenever the temps drop back into the 70’s, I will be asking for it back.)

    We would all request pictures!:D

  20. Taoist Biker Says:

    I remember the first winter after I went from halfway-down-my-back to a buzz cut. “Hmm…something’s weird…wonder…AH! The back of my neck is cold for the first time in about 6 years.”

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