A Future Getaway

We are planning a short 3-4 day trip. We have located the place. Now we need to negotiate our schedules so that we can both be off work at the same time. This is a challenge as it is busy season for both of us and our respective bosses think we are indispensable. (trying out big words today… hehehe) Mr. J’s boss tends to throw mini hissy fits if we go out of town for longer than two day intervals. My boss is a bit more easy going as long as I am here on Thursdays for payroll as the natives get restless without their weekend beer money.

That was not nice. My guys are not drunkards… It just looks funnier to see beer money than gas money. Nothing is funny about paychecks being handed over to the gas stations. (along with a pint of blood and a promise of the sacrificial first born)

Back to our mini getaway. We have chosen a new spot. I have yet to tell Mr. J that I decided between several choices based on this picture from their website.

If a squirrel can unwind at their cabins, then surely we can as well.

Of course the pictures of the cabins pulled me in as well:


(Isn’t it sweet? It even has his and hers rockers out front!)

And then there is the lake itself:

 (and they rent boats!)

I have suggested that we Kayak the lake and Mr J did his best to stop from laughing out loud.

One more… They sit on about 500 acres and have extensive nature trails.

Sweet! I can almost taste the s’mores and feel the mosquitoes as I type. Now all we need to do is bribe, beg, and steal a few days off on the same weekend.


8 Responses to “A Future Getaway”

  1. joanharvest Says:

    Don’t be surprised when you open the trunk of you car and find me in there. I want to go there. It is beautiful. And if you have an SUV , I will be tucked amongst the luggage. I love the squirrel photo. I may have to steal it to show my wasband. I hope you have a great time.

  2. Just a Mom Says:

    Can I go? I used to have to plan my vacation time around payroll week as well. What a pain that is!

  3. trishatruly Says:

    Love the squirrel photo!! He looks like he needed a vacation. Was that really on their website? Heck, any place with that kind of a sense of humor must be great!! GO! GO! GO!

  4. Red Says:

    Oh that looks divine .. love the woods. love the trees. love the earth. mmm .. the smells, the smells are wonderful.
    can i go, too? 😉

  5. Sarah Says:

    I’m not a camper or an outdoorsy person but that looks really beautiful. I think I would be willing to try that out.

  6. Peter Parkour Says:

    They say “Florida is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there” and it is so true. The place you’ve found would seem just the opposite, a nice place to live, but I wouldn’t want to visit. Visiting ends with leaving, and that part of the trip is gonna suck. Enjoy it till the end. 🙂

  7. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    Is it me, or is that squirrel pleasuring himself on that railing? Hee hee hee. Have fun on your vacation!

  8. betme Says:

    Joan ~ Even knowing in advance that you will be in the trunk, I know we will still be surprised. Be sure to be blowing one of those cool Birthday noise makers so that we have mini heart attacks.

    JAM ~ Sure you can come with us… IF you can fit in the trunk with Joan!

    Trisha ~ Yes, that photo is really on their website. I will post a link AFTER I make reservations. I don’t want them to book up before I get locked in.

    Red ~ Sure, come on… I might need to get a ride with a larger trunk. 😀 I am a nature/mountains junkie. I will post pics after we actually go. Right now it looks like we will have to wait until the second week in July.

    Sarah ~ If you want to come with us as well, we might need to rent a small bus. Oh boy we could all have a blast in the hills of Texas.

    Peter ~ If I quit blogging after my trip, it means I refused to come home! 😉

    Ghetto Girl ~ Hahahahahaha…. Um, yes he does look like he might be spent from ‘doing’ the railing.

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