Reasons to Smile

Ten on Thursday

(In no particular order)


1. Snooze Button Snuggles ~ For nine blessed minutes every morning I get quality snuggle time with Mr. J. We often snuggle on the couch while watching a movie or squeeze up tight together at the beach. But for some reason the nine minutes before the snooze button bleeps, are my favorite. No talking, no outside noises, no pressures of the day ahead… He pulls me in tightly and softly strokes my tangled hair and I drool sleepy slobbers on his chest. Complete Bliss!



2. Gorgeous Flowers are Everywhere ~ It would be hard to remain a sour puss when surrounded by spring flowers. Even the huge magnolia tree out front is loaded with large beautiful flowers. The air is lightly scented with azaleas, lavender, jasmine, and sweet alyssum. Sitting back on the patio for a few minutes in the morning, sipping my coffee, and breathing in the hints of heaven.


3. My Fantastic Job ~ It is not exactly my dream job of either sampling chocolates for Keggs or watching over the flora and fauna in the Rockie Mountains, but it is a pretty rockin way to make a living. I have my own office and am not bothered too often. I am challenged daily but never overwhelmed. The money is good. The commute is short. I set my own hours… The only thing missing would be nap time and massages. I will need to take that up with the Pres. 

 (I want to move my desk out here)


4. Fresh Baked Apple Cinnamon Muffins ~ It is probably a sin to find happiness in something so delicious. As they baked this morning I envisioned the butter slowly melting in, the warm goodness on my tongue, and the aroma filling the air. I was not disappointed. YUMMY!


5. D – also known as the Eldest Child ~ I have mentioned him in the past, even tried to get him married off. He will have nothing of it. I see so much of myself in D. He has my practical side. He is a deep thinker, wise beyond his years… Alas, that is partly due to his two tours in Iraq. D has a fabulous way of making me smile, just by hearing his voice.


6. J – Also known as the Middle Child ~ At 19yrs of age J seems to have his life together. A steady girlfriend of 3yrs. A steady job of 4yrs. Pulling good grades at college, which is a wonderful accomplishment for anyone… and an even more awesome feat for a young man who is dyslexic. J carries my sensitive genes. He is slow to anger and quick to jump in and help the down trodden.


7. T – Also known as the Baby ~ Where would one start with describing T? He is a 17yr old bundle of motion. He can have the entire room rolling on the floor laughing or in stunned silence listening to him spill his intellect. He is not shy about sharing the fact that he is more awesome than just about everyone. T is a firecracker. I always joked that he would one day conquer the WORLD… But he is content in his quest to study medicine and just instead save lives.


Having a D, a J, or a T would be enough joy in anyone’s life for endless smiles. Having all three is almost too much happy to handle.


8. Mr. J calling me at Work and asking ME how to spell a Word ~ This makes me smile for numerous reasons. The first would be the fact that I am a horrific speller. I tend to spell phonetically or even worse, I am now spelling in slang. But, the main reason for the smile would be simply hearing his voice. He is my island in the middle of a stormy sea. No matter how crazy my day, hearing his voice makes everything alright again.       


9. Finding out my fuzzy brain and falling down dizzy spells are not symptoms of a brain tumor or blood clots ~ (Mr. J thinks I am just a dizzy Dame) Thankfully it is just a severely low iron count, which is also causing the extreme itchies all over my body.


10. Watching the sun rise and the sun set ~ And knowing my family is safe and happy. Perhaps we are a tad bit CRAZY, but we are happy none the less.


14 Responses to “Reasons to Smile”

  1. Red Says:

    Yep, those are wonderful ways to smile .. except for the snuggling part. I aint no cuddler.

    “Having all three is almost too much happy to handle.” but really, it’s not.. not even close!

  2. trishatruly Says:

    You have a beautiful life, my dear WebSis!! I am so happy just to read your bliss! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Wendy Says:

    I loved this. It was a wake up call for me to stop focusing on the things that annoy me and fill my thoughts with all the things I love and am grateful for. You’ve got some lovely thoughts in your head, betme. I like the way your brain works.

  4. Taoist Biker Says:

    I’ve got a double-alarm clock. My alarm goes off at 5:30; I get up, take my shower, then crawl back into bed with the Mrs. At 6:00 the other alarm goes off, I hit the snooze, and commence the 9 minutes of cuddling. At 6:09, I hit the snooze alarm again, prod my wife and say “Time to wake up.” At 6:18, I say, “Ok, that’s the Get Your Ass Out Of Bed alarm.” Then we get up.

    Those are 10 good things. Thumbs up!

  5. betme Says:

    Red ~ Ya always leave me grinning. You are right, it is not even close… But some days I feel like I am going to burst from all the happy-sappy ooze in my life.

    Trisha ~ Eleven or so odd years ago I was sitting about where you are now. I just know that you too will be feeling the happies soon. It will ease a great deal of your burden when you can FINALLY put the ex stress behind you. Big hugs.

    Wendy ~ I posted this after reading back over some of my recent posts and realizing I was caught in in the ‘woe is me’ cycle in my head. My life is pretty darn good and it doesn’t really hurt to take notice.

    Ps. I am still laughing about your WWZ kit!

    Taoist B (sorry, I decided to shorten you and TB is taken by the disease) ~ That is so sweet that you get up and shower and then climb back in bed for a snuggle. Way cool!

  6. romi41 Says:

    Oh my gosh your #1 made me swooooon like nobody’s business…insert GIANT “sigh”… 🙂

  7. joanharvest Says:

    We probably all have a lot to be grateful for but sometimes it’s hard to see. I’m happy you see those things that make your days become great days. All those little things add up by the end of the day. You could turn that into a meme. “Things in your life that your grateful for.” I don’t care how bad my life is, (nowadays that’s not too often but it used to be) I can always find something to be grateful for.

    This post put me in a good mood and I needed that today. I’m afraid for my son right now.

  8. Don Smith Says:

    Well said, I enjoyed every word of it. Fortunately I live in a world devoid of alarm clocks, schedules, Starbucks, and I don’t have to dress for sucess.

    Even have a lawnmower that faithfully starts on the first crank.

    Life is good …..

  9. Sarah Says:

    This was a fantastic list! I totally agree about the muffins. Now I’m picturing it, and I think I’m going to have to go make a mess in the kitchen now.

  10. betme Says:

    Romi ~ Ya know my son has my genes. 😉 hehehe… your snuggle buddy is out there , most likely looking for you as I type.

    Joan ~ HUGZ to you. It is never easy when our babies make us worry. I hope he is doing alright. Go ahead and turn this into a meme for me. I pass the torch to you. 🙂

    Don ~ We often find it is all the little things, such as a dependable mower, that makes all the difference between a barely-making it day and a Fan-freakin-tastic day.

    I hope your alarm clock-less days are filled with much happiness.

    Sarah ~ Comfort foods, I believe, will be found to be the answer for World Peace. I hope you start with a little peace (or piece… 😉 ) in your own kitchen.

  11. Allison Says:

    I couldn’t resist breaking the 10 comment trend on your 10 things to be happy about 🙂 I’m so hungry right now that I just liked the apple muffin on my computer screen.

  12. Peter Parkour Says:

    From one snuggler to another, great list. 😉

  13. Allison Says:

    licked, not liked (well, liked too)

  14. betme Says:

    Allison ~ Haha! 😀 I hope you wiped the drool off the screen.

    Peter ~ Thanks, snuggle time is the best time.

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