“You go home now…”

Her words haunted me all night. “You go home now.”

After work I stopped in at the corner convenience store. The husband and wife who run the store are the best. Every week they order one loaf of Oroweat Health Nut bread just for me. One loaf of wheat bread sitting on the shelf with all the fluffy white bread.

It tastes so yummy when toasted and the butter has melted in…

Back to the store… I walked by the counter prepared to chit-chat for a few minutes, asking about their son who is in the third grade, discussing crazy gas prices and plans for the weekend.

But, it was so different. They were edgy and the wife said, “No more bread. You go home now.”

She pointed to the door and said again, “You go home now.”

I know that my hood has dropped into the crapper. I am very aware of the little gangsters that are mulling around outside.

I leaned a bit closer and asked if she was OK.

She looked so tired, so scared… Life is beating the hell out of her and our hoodlums are weilding the stick.

She sounded so sad when she replied, “No more bread here. Just go, please.”

As I was turning to leave a punk runs in screaming at a guy who is leaning on the counter, “This is bull shit. I paid you for three and you only gave me two.”

The guy punk-ass dealer at the counter reaches in his pocket. At this point I am worried about a gun. She had warned me, practically pushing me out of the store… Now, I was trapped. We were all trapped.

We all moved quickly to the back of the store. People have asked me why I am getting a concealed weapons license… If I could convey the helpless feeling, while crouching in the back of the little store, you would understand. If the jackass decided to kill us all, we would have been armed with nothing more than bottles of milk and juice.

As it turned out, the punk handed the other punk a bag of something and they cursed at each other and they both left the store.

This was at 4:00 in the afternoon. Dealing drugs in plain view in the middle of the afternoon! Mutha-fuckas…

I want to cry… No, I want to scream… No, I want to slap the shit out someone… I need to move.

“You go home now…” The dear sweet woman, I pray she makes it home alive as well.


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16 Responses to ““You go home now…””

  1. msmollie Says:

    Damn! Thank goodness you were both okay, so sad. So very sad. Be careful.

  2. Red Says:

    OMGosh, I woulda been shittin’ kittens.
    Im so glad you guys were okay . . and that the punk ass didnt have a gun. I hope the lady was/is okay, too.

  3. betme Says:

    Ms Mollie ~ I want to stop in and check on her, but I promised Mr. J that I would never go back.

    Red ~ I cannot shit kittens as we have no room for more pets. πŸ˜‰

    Mr. J and I are thinking about organizing our very own version of neighborhood watch… Something along the lines of “J’s Weed & Feed”

    We will weed out the dealers, prostitutes, and run-of-the-mill thugs… and feed the spirits of the surviving families.

  4. DNR Says:

    Damn, just damn!!!

    Glad you’re ok.

  5. Moonbeam McQueen Says:

    (((Betme))) I’m so sorry you and that poor woman had to go through that. Thank goodness you could leave afterward, but she’ll have to keep coming back to that madness.

    A few blocks from our house, our bank was robbed twice in three months, and I told you on my blog about the convenience store owner around the corner. It all happens in broad daylight, and people have just come to expect it. Bullet proof glass separates store clerks and fast food workers from the public. There’s an atmosphere of desperation and mistrust everywhere you turn.

    I hope you can move soon. I hope I can too. So glad you’re okay.

  6. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    Without me saying to much, I hear about the scariest shit daily. This is why I don’t like to go back to my ghetto anymore. Crime, sadly, is everywhere, and hell, I can appreciate a person who packs heat for the right reasons.

  7. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    You are officially tagged to do a 6 things meme.

  8. K. Trainor Says:

    Oh how awful. Sometimes our world just SUCKS.

  9. trishatruly Says:

    I am so so glad Mr. J. made you promise to stay outa there, betme! It’s great that you feel for your friends and neighbors but putting yourself in harm’s way like that is terribly risky.Listen to the man!

    I will say prayers for the sweet woman and her husband who run that store, and a prayer of thanks that no one was hurt this time!

  10. Allison Says:

    Stupid Katrina.

    I’m very glad that you’re okay. Can you put a rush on the concealed weapon thing?

  11. betme Says:

    Thanks guys ~ I was kind of shook up. But, I am fine. It was a valuable wake-up call for us.

  12. Just a Mom Says:

    Glad to here you are safe! You have to love waking up to “Good Morning Houston, 6 people were killed last night!” You gotta love H-town.

  13. Peter Parkour Says:

    As soon as I read “But, it was so different. They were edgy and the wife said, ‘No more bread. You go home now'” ROBBERY! is what came to mind. I am so sorry you (or anyone else for that matter) have to live under such conditions. Take care of yourself lady. 😐

  14. joanharvest Says:

    No one should have to live in fear like that. I wish they were tougher on these dumb ass kids when they get caught doing this shit. But they get a slap on the hand and do it all over again. I’m just glad you’re OK. I’d damn well carry a gun and shoot the first (good this is NC 17) motherfucker that ever tried to hurt me or my family.

  15. joanharvest Says:

    It’s probably just as well that I don’t own a gun.

  16. amplifly Says:

    That old woman deserves a pack of weed! and an oscar!

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