Enter at you Own Risk!

That is the notice that should have been placed on my Kitchen Doorway.

My dear sweet, well intentioned husband was left to cook dinner for himself the past couple nights while I was in class. The first night went fairly well, as he cooked a delicious meal, straight out of the bag from Wendy’s.

Wednesday night was not so pretty. I walked into what could quite easily be confused for a war-zone. (and from the looks, my kitchen lost the battle)

How is the hell do you dirty every pot and pan, plate, fork, knife, and bowl in the house while frying chicken and making instant mashed potatoes?

How do you end up with grease and flour all the way from the sink to the trash to the front door?

I need to install cameras as I am sure we would have had a winner on Americas Funniest Home Videos.

I did not even have the strength to clean it up when I got home Wednesday, nor could I face it when I got up for work on Thursday. I secretly hoped a natural disaster would pick up my kitchen and leave it a few blocks down… I would rather start over from scratch.

The best part of his meal??? The chicken was not edible. That is not true… It was not edible by us. But, the dogs loved it. I often keep a baggie of mixed flour and spices just for coating fried chicken. Mr. J saw a baggie of white ‘stuff’ in the pantry and thought it was the chicken batter baggie…

Well, he was WRONG! The baggie in question was my experimental recipe for banana nut-spice pancakes.

Yes, Mr. J made banana nut-spiced chicken… YUMMY … not  


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8 Responses to “Enter at you Own Risk!”

  1. kaylee2 Says:

    Hahahahhhaha II am sure it aint that bad.

  2. Sarah Says:

    It is often a mystery how men can mess up a kitchen in one afternoon/evening. I left to go camping with a girlfriend one weekend and we came back that night because the weather was awful. My husband had done pretty much the same thing that your did. I didn’t ask how, and I didn’t ask why he didn’t clean it up. I just let it be.

  3. Red Says:

    aaaaaahahahhaaha! That’s exactly why I dont allow the husband near the kitchen. No way, jose!

  4. romi41 Says:

    Really? Not edible? It sounds like it could’ve worked….hahaha…. 😉

  5. Allison Says:

    Um, let’s not be too judgmental here (says the woman whose kid calls the kitchen “daddy’s kitchen”).

  6. trishatruly Says:

    Hey, girl! Don’t be sending a search party. I is here and laughin’ and lovin’ your stuff, as usual!
    Just one eentsy-weentsy question: why is it your job to clean up his mess? Just askin’, is all!


  7. betme Says:

    Kaylee ~ I should have taken some pictures… But, the sight made me ill. Believe me, it WAS THAT BAD! 🙂 Invision a dozen 3yr old let loose with a bag of flour and a quart of oil.

    Sarah ~ I suppose we should just be thankful that they survived for a short period without us.

    Red ~ He claims that the garage is his only area of the house… However, it is the only area of the house in which he is careful about keeping clean.

    Romi ~ I could send you the recipe. 😉

    Allison ~ Your daughter cracks me up!

    Trisha!!!!!! ~ Hey woman, nice to see you again!

    I was asking myself that very question when I got home from class. This is a man who USED to cook and clean up for himself all the time. I have done spoiled him ROTTEN and will need to work on a refresher house cleaning course for him.

  8. joanharvest Says:

    My wasband once tried to boil water and screwed it up. That is his only kitchen experience. My son knows how to microwave and make chocolate chip cookies which he doesn’t cook but just eats the batter. Now my son-in-law actually is a good cook and even cleans up after himself. He makes the best chicken soup from scratch and the best chicken pot pie. When he and my daughter lived alone he did 80% of the cooking and did a great job doing it.

    Banana nut spiced chicken–I think I’ll pass on that recipe.

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