A Sign?

It seems that every time I turn around I am being lambasted with offers for life insurance. My blog gets 10 to 15 life insurance spam hits per day. Do I give the impression that I live on the edge? Is it my whining about my ‘hood’? Perhaps it is my discussions about firing my gun more than one might consider to be the norm? The fact that I trip over imaginary lines on the floor or walk into walls even when sober? My anger issues? My driving skills, or lack thereof?

I laugh about the spam and toss out the offers that fill my PO Box, never giving them a second thought.

And then I receive a call from a life insurance company. It went like this:

“Is this Mr. J?”

“No, this is Mrs. J.”

“Well, Mr J. wanted to purchase a life insurance policy from our company.” (my mind begins to spin. What have I done to have Mr J wanting to take out more insurance? Dinner was not that bad last night…)

I asked the rep, “Does he want to take out additional insurance on himself or for me? If it is a policy for me, I need to know. Do I need to be nicer to my husband?”

The rep was so quiet, I thought he had hung up the phone.

He hesitated too long, and I hung up on him!


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8 Responses to “A Sign?”

  1. K. Trainor Says:

    BAhahahaha! I love that response! Telemarketers make me insane. I try so hard to be nice–because I know their job has to suck–but I wish they’d just lose our number. Yours too, sounds like!

  2. Red Says:

    hahahaa! Perfect response.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Ooh, silence is not always golden.

  4. kaylee Says:

    ohhhhhhh no!!!!

  5. joanharvest Says:

    I don’t get many calls anymore because we are on the do not call list but when we used to. I used to say the craziest things to them. Once I got a call to buy children’s books and I told the guy that my children had been abducted by my husband and they should call him. I’ve told whopper lies to telemarketers. Someone tried to sell me insurance over the phone for my husband and I told him my husband was dead and I was on the way to jail because I whacked him. I’ve had many telemarketers hang up on me.

  6. Peter Parkour Says:

    I can’t stand the ones that refuse to take no for an answer. I try my best to be a nice guy, but in the end they here the click. 😛

  7. betme Says:

    I used to be sweet (seriously, quit laughing) and polite to telemarketers. Then I realized that they will not accept no, nor will they end the call on their own. They will call and call and call until you either go postal or are left sobbing in a dark closet.

    We can let them drive us mad or fight back with the only weapon that is legal in all 50 states. Arm yourself with a sharp sense of humor and be on the attack. No need to wait until you are broken.

    When they call… stop them mid sentence and proceed to tell them about your day, your in-laws, your dog that vomited on the rug, and your ill fitting bra. You have a captive audience in which to unload all of your crap for free. So much cheaper than visiting a shrink.

    Joan has the right idea 😉

  8. Allison Says:

    I LOVE it!!!!!!

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