5 things you are better off not knowing…

I was tagged by Joanharvest She is a sweetie and stated, “Don’t feel like you HAVE to participate, and ignore it if you have been tagged already.”

I am not a sweetie and say, “If I took the time out of my precious day to tag your ass, then I want the dirt.” (yes LL that means you too. I know you will ignore me, but I have your home address and will plague you with curses of Mary.)

Back to Joan ~ That woman is just a click off center and that is perhaps why I love her so much. She would be a great person to hang with. Although two slightly crazy broads in one room might be too much for the universe. I am willing to tempt fate. But, I will bring my squirrel repellent with me.

Five Things Found in My Bag:

(are you sure that you want this shit?) I was a bit surprised that no little children nor car parts were found in this thing.

1.) I am always worried that I don’t have a pen, or wont be able to find a pen… So I often just grab another from my desk and toss it in my purse before heading to work. Obviously, I it is a sickness:

2.) In the hustle and justle of my mornings, I often slip out without taking a vitamin. Sooooooo….. I got in the habit of carrying them in my purse. When it dawns on me that I need to take one they are handy. (As for the Smooth Move tea bag… Ya never know when a girl would like a nice cup of tea or a healthy bowel movement.)

3.) Mr. J gets a tad bit whiny pissy cranky when we go out to eat and they do not have Tobasco. So, I carry little packets for him. As for the other goddies, they just seem to accumulate over time. I laughed when I saw the package of lemon juice. I have no idea where it came from or how long I have had it. It is ALL DRIED UP.

4.) Basic girl stuff supplies. Joan, I thought about you and your knife when I found the little pair of scissors. Maybe I could cut little holes in bad people with my ‘weapon.’  


5.) I am rich Beyatches…

   ($7.36…. Wahooooooo)

After snapping the shots I cleaned most of the crap out and had room to carry my lunch!

Five Things in My Room  I know you expect to see my toys… not a chance… I am a private sexaholic and do not share my joy with freaks on the web (not that y’all are freaks… er… not that I would call y’all out)

1.) This is where it happens from time to time.

2.) Boring, I know… But, this is where I sit and slip into and out of my clothes. (unless I am standing on the bed doing a proper strip tease)

3.) Part of my massive doll collection. The one on the right was a gift from my Mom and the one on the left, from Mr. J. (He said that the doll reminds him of me… crazy hair and barefoot.)

4.) We have had this bottle for years and will never drink it. I am sure it is quite nasty by now. We were always waiting for the perfect occassion to drink it. When almost perfect occasions came along, we bought other bottles to drink… saving this bottle for just the right time. Yes, we are dorks

5.) And to show you that I am always off kilter a bit (in case you were not sure) This table sits in the corner of my room. I have pushed things to the side and use it for a construction bench. I see no reason to cut the base boards outside, going up and down the stairs (forgetting measurments). When I want to work out (like never) I will go to the gym.


(yes, I have a real wine rack but the construction bench makes it hard to reach)

Five Things I am Into:

1. Sex (sorry no pictures… hehehe)

2. Chocolate (I got the camera out to take a picture and then ate all the candy.)

3.) Body art in the form of chocolate body paint. (What? This is a list of things I am into.)

4.) Football ~ I may have fibbed when I mentioned to B&G that I am not a rabid fan. I mope around in a deep funk waiting for the season to return. It does not matter if it is College ball –

That is Colt Brennan gunning one for Hawaii. Mr J surprised me with this game for my birthday.

or my sick obsession with the Chargers. Yes, we have towels, clocks, mugs, license plates, banners, posters, jerseys, hats, jackets, watches, pom-poms, footballs, helmets, autographed magazines, rookie football cards… But, we keep it in check (sort of). It is all in one room and we close the door when the season is over. Only peaking in and checking on the guys from time to time.


The one and only… (although, he is in the dog house for a dismal post season last year.)

5.) Creating new recipes:

This recipe took me a couple years to perfect. I am not a big fan of chocolate cake as they are usually dry… This one has almost every ingredient that is important to me in the dessert world.
Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake
1 3/4 cup boiling water
1 cup Oatmeal (quick oats)
1 cup light brown sugar
1 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup butter (softened)
3 eggs
12oz chocolate chips
1 cup chopped pecans
Sift together:
1 3/4 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup of cocoa
Mix oatmeal in water and let stand for 10 minutes. Add sugars, butter and eggs. Stir in dry ingredients, nuts, and 1/2 of chocolate chips.
Pour into greased and floured 9 X 13 pan.
In small bowl mix:
8 oz of softened cream cheese
1/3 cup of granulated sugar 
1 egg.
Spoon onto cake mixture and cut thru batter. Sprinkle with remaining chocolate chips.
Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Do not overcook.
Serve hot with vanilla ice cream…. Yummmmmmmm! 8-)
Five Things I Have Always Wanted to Do:
1.) Dunk a basketball. This is crazy. I am not afraid of heights, but apparently me feet are. They refuse to propel me into the air higher than two inches.
2.) Send the Ass ex a “Thank you for the beat-downs” letter. If he would have been a little less violent, I might not have left and consequently found the love of my life. So Thanks for being such an Ass.
3.) Deep sea fishing or maybe sailing… or perhaps both!
4.) Go to the heart of the war zone and bake everyone cookies. I have this theory that the fighting would stop if I offered a “turn in your guns for cookies” deal. At the very least, I could give our Troops some hugs and fresh baked goodness to warm their hearts.
5.) Spend a few months in Italy absorbing the food, the vino, and the culture.
Now (drum roll please) “What’s in Your Wallet?” I mean spill it… In no particular order:
1. LL
11. Red
As you can see, I don’t follow the rules. I could not decide, Sue me!



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22 Responses to “5 things you are better off not knowing…”

  1. joanharvest Says:

    Thanks for doing the meme. We are probably more like two clicks off center but that’s what makes life fun. I wish someday we could all meet. That would be so much fun.

    All the pens, that nearly made me choke with laughter and all those little packets of hot sauce and stuff, that’s too funny.

    Maybe someday my son can take you deep sea fishing. He’ lives for that and is getting itchy to leave Buffalo so he can salt water fish. He doesn’t like fresh water fishing and at this time of the year he is getting really depressed because he can’t fish.

    We are going to have to have a little talk about vitamins. Remember, I used to own a vitamin store. I used to give my daughter a cup of Smooth Move when she was little and had a problem. That same company makes Nighty Nite tea which is tasty and wonderful before bed.

    As far as the recipe, it sounds great, but once I take out all the ingredients I can’t eat I would be left with oatmeal.

  2. LL Says:

    Mine is done.

    And dude, I bet your husband wouldn’t walk around with those packets in his pockets all day. Why do we women hold shit for them?? LOL

  3. boundandgags Says:

    It’s not nice to fib!

  4. boundandgags Says:

    But it gets to all of us from time to time, doesn’t it? Watching the Red Sox last night I couldn’t help but to marvel at the hitting machine that is Manny Ramirez (and, no, his two home runs had nothing to do with it. Those were byproducts). His mechanics are so finely tuned every at bat is a pleasure to watch.

    My girlfriend can’t watch a game, it doesn’t matter what sport – I’ve seen her scream at curling sweepers – without going nuts. It’s a big reason we watch important games at home. Well, that and she hates if anyone else is screaming.

  5. 5 Things About Me…Like It Or Not! « Life Is Funny Wearing Purple Colored Glasses Says:

    […] Things About Me…Like It Or Not! April 18, 2008 — Just a Mom OK, I was tagged by BetMe and because she owns a gun and is apparently very good at shooting this gun I will play […]

  6. Just a Mom Says:

    Crap..Now I know what a “Ping” is. My list is done.

    Hey LL I love to tease my kids and husband and tell them that I am not going to bring my purse with me when we go out! It is so funny to see the look of horror on their faces!

  7. betme Says:

    Joan ~ I just knew you were going to bring up my vitamin issues. 😉

    I suppose you could eat the cake (less all ingredients but oatmeal) and pretend it tastes like something other than oatmeal.

    LL ~ I think we carry all of that stuff because we want to be prepared for any emergency. We would make hellafide boy scouts.

    B&G ~ What is the term I am looking for? Plausible deniability? No, I doubt that is it. Anyhoo, I deny the act of intentionally giving false information based on the (somewhat shaky) fact that I am in denial due to the lack of football currently available to a possible rabid fan. Had it indeed been the actual season, I would have readily remembered the fact that I have issues.

    I am with your girlfriend on the screaming issue. But, that is only because no one else seems to be in my head and screaming at the correct target in the correct manner.

    JAMom~ That is so funny! Where would they be without us and our suitcases of treasures?

  8. Red Says:

    May I borrow a pen? I never seem to have one.
    I will take this challenge and run with it. . thanks 🙂

  9. kaylee Says:

    I need my pen now hahaha I love that meme and will do it soon 🙂

  10. Sarah Says:

    Holy crap! I’ll do it just so that I can clean out my purse.

  11. Lumpy Says:

    Whoah dude, THE PENS nearly had me on the floor! Ha! Ha! Ha! Surfed on here via Red (I think?) Great post! If anything, Joan has gotten many to clean out their purses LOL 😉

  12. romi41 Says:

    What a great insight into what you’re all about! The bed looks like the perfect spot for some good times (LOL), and I loved the litte packets of plum sauce in your purse, I need to have that!!!

    PS: that cake sounds so amazing but I’m kind of lazy, so you should pretty much just make it for me please!!! (then I’ll send your son a key, hahahaha 😉 )

  13. Moonbeam McQueen Says:

    How big is that purse of yours, woman?

    GREAT meme!!!

  14. Couchptato10 Says:

    hahaha gosh the purse one made me laugh. all the change…hahaha, gosh i think you have more than my piggy bank lol :O


  15. Allison Says:

    No way I can top this (especially the dried up tabasco packets in your purse), but I’ll what I can do to at least fulfill the tag.

  16. joanharvest Says:

    You think you are going to get away without discussing vitamins with me? NO, NO, NO. I WANT MY FRIENDS TO HAVE THE BEST. I have to tell you, honestly, there is a big difference. I used to talk my customers from buying stuff from me if I thought it would it wouldn’t help them. I think that is why so many people trusted me. I tell it like it is. CENTRUM SUCKS!!!! WE NEED TO TALK !!!!! 🙂

  17. betme Says:

    Red ~ Feel free to take a couple. I will not miss them. In fact I will probably add a couple more just to make sure that I have ONE!

    Kaylee ~ I look forward to reading your post. BTW, did you ever get the box?

    Sarah ~ It was kind of fun finding all the ‘treasures’ in the bottom of my purse.

    Lumpy ~ Thanks for dropping in. I have seen you on a few blogs and need to venture out and check out yours. (I am sloooooooooooow)

    Romi ~ The bed is very do-able. 😉

    It is a deal… One cake for one key! (My son will stop talking to me if he knew I was pimping him out.) Maybe he will forgive me if I make him some cookies.

    Moonbeam ~ Just your average suitcase size purse. 😀

    CouchTater ~ My shoulder was very happy to have to coinage removed.

    Allison ~ I image your life to be somewhat organized. My purse is similar to my junk drawer in the kitchen or the hall closet.

    Joan ~ I am listening… What do you suggest? I need a good multi-vitamin that also has a bus load of iron. I lose a great deal every month when Antie Flo stops by for a visit. I struggle to keep my iron level above a 9. The doc said anything below 12 is considered low. So, I drag butt a lot and will take a B-12 in the afternoon to keep from falling off my chair.

    I am eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, fish, grilled chicken… basic twigs and berries stuff. And trying to stay away from processed foods and sugars.

    What type of vitamins do you suggest? Oh yes, I have also devoleped a lot of food alergies recently. I can no longer eat stawberries, kiwi, pineapple, mangos, tangerines, oranges, anything with red food dye, or anything with iodine… no more shrimp 😦

  18. mollyelizabeth Says:

    I know you tagged me and I will get around to it SOON. Promise. I wish my new camera was ordered already but unfortunately, I am still debating on options. So, m’dear, my post will be picture-less but posted all the same. I liked reading yours though 🙂

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  20. Jessie Says:


    I don’t mean to be too in your face, but I’m not sure I agree with this. Anyhow, thanks for sharing and I think I’ll write a post on this on my blog soon….

  21. Five Minutes Of Funk « * * * HATE ~ & ~ ANGER * * * Says:

    […] DisIsMyPlace […]

  22. Brethart77 Says:

    I’m interested in what you think about those pens….!

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