A Couple Things to Ponder

1.) Pedicures and Shark Bites (nice combination!)

            A young lady was bit in the foot by a six-foot shark just a few yards off the Galveston sea wall.  She was rushed to the hospital where she received excellent care. The media went crazy… Let me explain Houston Media. For any “news worthy” event, the Houston news teams follow a certain protocol:       

a.) Reporters question the victim’s family. (Including a 4th cousin twice removed.)


b.) Reporters question the witnesses –

            Reporter: “Billy Bob, can you tell us what happened?”

            Billy Bob: “Well, ya see, that thur girl got her foot bitten darn near off.”

            Reporter: “Billy Bob, were you there when they pulled the victim from the water?”

           Billy Bob: “Aw Heck no. I was down at the bait shop having a beer when we heard all the  commotion. I sure as heck don’t think nobody otta’ stick their dang gummed ole foot in no fishes mouth. ‘Specially not one of them big’uns with teeth.”

           Reporter: “Um, thank you Billy Bob. Back to you Ted.” 


c.) Reporters question friends of the victim-

           Reporter: “Sally Ann, what can you tell us about your friend who was savagely attacked by a shark last night?”    

          Sally Ann: “Well you see, it was so scary and stuff. And you know… we are all praying for her.”

          Reporter: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim and her family as well.”

          Sally Ann: “And ya know the sad part is my friend and I had just come from the salon. We just spent all that money on pedicures and now hers is all ruined.”


d.) The reporters will then proceed to interview her 3rd grade teacher, the kid who sat by her on the bus on the way to band camp, and the woman (we have all seen her) wearing a house coat with her hair up in rollers, who live two houses down from the victim.


            This brings me to my question. If I were the victim. Having been severely bitten, ruining half of my fresh pedicure… Do I moan about the money I wasted… Or, do I think, “Millions of people have seen my foot on television. Thank goodness I took the time to have my toe nails painted this morning!” 

Something to ponder


2.) How far will fear push you?


            A Houston resident was spotted by H.P.D. (the LAW) picking up a prostitute. The officers attempted to pull the man and his “Evening Entertainment” over. The man apparently panicked and proceeded to drive away.
                 The woman of “Experience”, wanting nothing to do with a high-speed chase, tried to exit the vehicle. Holding on to the door, she was drug for several blocks, before she fell under the wheels of the car. (Don’t despair, she is ok, but will have to rely on Workers Comp for a while…) Sorry, that was just mean.

           This brings me to my next question. Is there a point when your brain kicks in, screaming “Stop Fool”… or does the fear of facing your wife, after being caught with another woman, push you to commit a felony or two?         




5 Responses to “A Couple Things to Ponder”

  1. K. Trainor Says:

    WHOA! That nasty looking photo just brought a whole new aspect to brunch. (eyeballs the soup dish for any sign of a telltale fin.) Just popping back in to say thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. betme Says:

    Thank you K ~ I have been reading thru your posts today in lieu of working.

  3. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    That bite almost looks fake to me … it’s just gross and wrong. Yikes!

  4. betme Says:

    That picture is a bit gross. It is the actual foot of the actual girl I was writing about. The attack happened a couple years back. I am reminded of that story every time the reporters over-kill a story with 20-30 inane interviews. (You know, the need to cover every conceivable angle)

  5. Moonbeam McQueen Says:

    They need to come up with a nail polish color called, “Shark Bite Red.” It could be for beach wear only. That way, if you get bitten and your foot ends up on everyone’s television screen, you know, you’ll be all color coordinated.

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