Stealing From My Dung Heap

Today, My usual Wednesday rant is not a vent.

It is an all out attack on the No-Good pieces of elephant droppings that take things from sweet people, such as myself.

I go to work way too many days out of the year. I feel guilty if I take a day off to go to the doctor. Who needs to take time off just because their face is so swollen that they can’t see? Just drive me in, guide me through the door, and turn on my PC. I can type with my eyes closed. (it may read something like this: kelwi thod yelaldjt… ) Well anyway, I only take time off from work when my loving husband insists.

My husband also works. Can you believe it? Two people, living in the same house, both holding down real jobs. Almost unheard of! Actually, many families in America are doing the same thing. We are not special. (not in that way-P )

So why can’t other people do the same thing? Get their lazy asses out of bed, pull away from the video games, and step out into the world of the employed.

You know who I am talking about. Not the homeless, who are down on their luck. Not those who are between jobs, who are diligently searching for a way to pay the bills. And, not those who are disabled or retired.

I am talking about those evil cow-patty, maggot-leaching, happy to sponge off society, crap-heads. Oh, I know. I am judging.

But, I am ticked. Ticked is really too mild a term. You will have to imagine the words I really mean. Have you ever been so mad, that you could not even come up with a good curse? That is the stage I am at. It sounds funny. “Too mad to cuss!!!”
But, Darn-Nabbit. Why are you taking the things we work for?

If you need food, knock on the door. We will feed you.

If you need shelter, knock on the neighbors door… just kidding. Knock on our door. We will help you find shelter.

If your babies are sick, we will help you buy medicine.

We are just that kind of people. Like so many others, we have and we share.

But, how does breaking the window on my hubby’s car and stealing a stereo justify your needs? The funny thing about this crappy ordeal is the stereo did not even work. It was the original equipment that was in my hubby’s 73 Porsche. He could have bought a new system (one that played music), but he kept the broken system for sentimental reasons. It is like me keeping my old red sweat shirt, the one covered in paint splatters, torn at the elbow, and looks better in-side-out. (I love that shirt Mr J! Don’t you dare trash it… I am serious!)

The thievery does not stop there. People are stealing from each other day and night and not just monetary items. More importantly, they are stealing sentimental items. How can you replace the letters you had from a loved one that were in your purse that is ripped from your arm?

Or, the idiots who are now in the habit of stealing the “Support our Troops” magnets off of cars. Hmmm… Support our troops – steal a magnet. Catchy huh?

Or how about the category of You will surely Burn in Hell. Those who steal from churches. I would love to be at the Gates of Heaven while you are trying to explain this to God.

Or, the shit piles who steal from the elderly. Care-takers robbing our parents, our grandparent, our veterans. You need a swift kick in the … well, in the head.

I have no tolerance for thieves.

If I can drag my tired butt out of bed and to the office, then surely you, who are so young and can run so fast from the law, can get a job as well.

Are you too proud to flip burgers or too lazy? I’m asking because if worse came to worse, I would take orders at Mickey D’s before I would take money from the collection plate.

Perhaps it boils down to principals.

I wish I could gather all the little thug-wannabe-be’s in my neighborhood and give them all a flush!

8 Responses to “Stealing From My Dung Heap”

  1. Red Says:

    Yikes. I’ll remember to stay on your good side.
    Lovely rant. . . or attack, I believe that’s the word you used.
    There are bad things a person can do, and then there are really bad things a person can do: Lie. Cheat. Steal. I hate a thief. Hate ’em with a fuckingggg passion.

  2. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    I HATE THIEVES. OMG, I had a mini meltdown yesterday when my new Partylite leader stole an order off of me. I am so sorry for you guys losing an antique stereo. People just f—ing suck, don’t they?

  3. romi41 Says:

    This was an invigorating rant!! 🙂

    People seriously steal the troop-support-magnets? UGH…………..

    PS: OMG, that emoticon-face of “special” was tooo funny, haha 🙂

  4. Sarah Says:

    Theives suck. We’ve had a rash of them around here going underneath cars and stealing parts. Nothing is sacred I guess.

  5. betme Says:

    Red ~ There is no way that anyone who knows so much about dildos as you can ever be on my bad side. You get a free pass. (just don’t try to steal my batteries)

    GhettoGirl ~ ya should give her a ghetto-ass beat down. Or send for me. With my raging hormones I can whoop her for you.

    Romi ~ It gives me a rush to rant at will. And yes, people have stolen my magnet several times. Pisses me off because I drive to Ft Hood to get them. They say “Keep my Son Safe” and have the cool little 1st Cav emblem. Bastards…

    … you like the little tongue, huh? 🙂

    Sarah ~ I want to rig all of our cars with an electric zapper that will knock offenders on their ass.

  6. Peter Parkour Says:

    Stupid people piss me off! 👿 That’s what it boils down to. STUPID PEOPLE! I’m gonna post a Crazy Pix especially for you and MBMcQueen. Really, this kind of stuff drives me nuts. Ggrrrr…

  7. talea Says:

    Aaaaaaaaamen! Get off your lazy ass and get a fucking job. Yeah, sometimes working retail or working at 7-11 sucks and sometimes you get treated like dirt. Boo hoo, cry me a river.
    Make an honest living. Don’t beg me for money or live off my taxes. Grrrr.

  8. betme Says:

    Peter ~ Those stupid people think they are smarter than the working class. We will see jsut how smart they are when they are faced with the little lady on your blog. 😀

    Talea ~ I agree! I am not sure who upsets me the most; those who steal directly from me or the saps who are forcing our taxes up higher.

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