Dangerous Affair

Feeling his pulse as I pass by
His silent suggestive whisper
Pulling me down the path of destruction.

Reckless in my desire
To feel his thrust
I succumb yet again.

Tracing every curve, clinging
Letting his power pull me deeper, faster
Complete abandonment of reason.

Nerves tingling
Heart racing

Mr. J knows that I cheat on him… He hates me for what I do. But, he understands that he cannot stop me without killing a part of me. I understand his fear of losing me. I try to refrain. I really do.

But, there is something surreal about opening up at 140-150 miles per hour, the pull of a corner at 85-90. The power, the thrust, being one with my car… my beast… my demon.

Mr. J tells me that the day they pull my limp body from the tangled metal and pronounce me dead, he will kill me again. His exact words, “If you die, I am going to kill you.”That is love in its most obscure form!


10 Responses to “Dangerous Affair”

  1. trishatruly Says:

    I had to get rid of my sports car for this very reason. The lure of speed, the feel of it, it’s so very intoxicating.
    Great poem!


  2. betme Says:

    Trisha ~ My little car has a big heart… that beats with a low rumble. Not fancy, but he is tight on the corners and knows just how to make me purr.

    Mr. J has a sweet little thing that I am waiting patiently to drive. His baby is a 1973 Porsche 914. His little girl is in the shop being rebuilt.

    Mine is a 1983 944. Not as fast as his… but, fast enough to get me in trouble.

  3. Red Says:

    Aww.. niiiice 🙂

    I added a touch of the sultry… in your honor

  4. Lucky Says:

    I was all, what the hell??? hahahaha! good poem! 🙂

    I wondered if I would have y’all shaking your heads at me. 😀

  5. kaylee Says:

    Jesus I thought you meant ike cheat on him with another guy!!!! lol!

    Oh shucks, never fear because there is no other MAN for me. Just a couple cars.

  6. Couchptato10 Says:

    Wow, thats a pretty good poem. And an interesting message lol…


    Thanks Loco, it was fun to play with the message.

  7. Sarah Says:

    I know that pull all too well. I think my husband may have said the same thing to me once. Great poem.

    You and I both have a crazy love for powerful cars. It is a sickness in which I pray they never find a cure.

  8. Luke Says:

    Great poem – completely caught me off guard when I realized what it was actually about!

    Thanks Luke, life should always keep us guessing. 😉

  9. I Love him… No Foolin « DisIsMyPlace Says:

    […]linky thing-a-ma-bobby to other post – Dangerous Affair […]

  10. joanharvest Says:

    Love the poem!! I drive like the old lady I am. Actually I think I drive slower than most old ladies. That’s why with my new thing of driving on the highway I have to be careful to keep up to speed. I got a stern warning from my daughter that I have to do at least the speed limit. I haven’s had anyone give me the finger yet so I’m thinking I’m doing OK. I never feel the need for speed.

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