Ten on Thursday

This week I am going to step back in time a couple years, ok SEVERAL years and give you 10 of my childhood memories:

1.) I was about 7 years old when my family left me in Yellowstone National Park. Yes, they drove off and left me. I grew up in a very large family. Living at the East entrance to Yellowstone, we often went to the park for picnics on Saturday afternoons. Saying, “Dad can we go to the park?” held a completely different meaning for us.

I was down by the river gather beautiful rocks, when it dawned on me that I could not hear any of my siblings. I wandered back up to the campground and everyone was gone! I hiked over to the next campground (about 20 feet of hiking) and explained to the family that I was all alone. I wonder what they really felt about my parents leaving me behind.

My parents discovered I was missing when they unloaded the car back home and came back to pick me up. To this day we all joke about whether their over-site was intentional or not. I mean, if you have too many children doesn’t it make sense to accidentally leave one to forage for food in Yellowstone.   

2.) I was close to the same age when I begged my big brother to let me ride his bike to Ben Franklins, the local five and dime store. He agreed if I promised to buy him a nickel candy bar.

The problem was, I had never been on such a tall bike. When I got to the store, I jumped down, splitting my private parts on the center bar. I was sure that I would never be able to have babies… EVER!

(It looked similar to this bike, but with peddles)

3.) The Tomato Wars ~ We had a huge garden and some impressive tree forts. Often times we would sneak tomatoes out of the garden and have awesome tomato wars. This was great fun until we ran out of tomatoes and began using dirt clods. Country kids are brutal.

4.) Our trip to Custer’s Battleground at the Little Bighorn. Learning from the time they left me in Yellowstone, Mom made us all red windbreakers. I love history and this is one of my favorite places.

5.) Swinging on a rope from the big oak tree into the apple orchard. If you did not aim correctly you would smack face first into the trunk instead of landing on one of the branches. great fun comes form the possibility of knocking one’s teeth out.

6.) Listening to inappropriate music. I was such a rebel. My mom stopped me at the door when I came home with a KISS album. She told me that she would not allow that trash in our home. I carried my little record player up to the living room and played Beth for her. That was the ONLY song on the album that I played for her. She consented to letting me keep the record… but shook her head about the outrageous face paint.

7.) Skateboarding in the early 70’s. We had to sweep the sidewalks clean because even the smallest pebble could spell disaster for the old wheels. We often tied a rope to the back of a bicycle and had one of our brothers pull us down the street.

Which reminds me of “Hooky-bobbing” ~ Grabbing hold of the rear bumper of a car as it was pulling out and being pulled as we glided in the snow. I have no idea how we lived to adulthood.

8.) Jumping off the roof of a cabin into snow drifts that were over our heads. We would then be at the mercy of other to help dig us out. Again it was the thrill of possibly killing ourselves that kept us entertained.

9.) The burning barrel ~ I have developed into a pyromaniac of sorts from my chore of burning the trash in the burning barrel. I learned the fascination of exploding hairspray cans. I also learned how to make a hairspray can flame thrower. Ahhh… Country living at it’s best.

10.) CHORES… Oh good grief do I remember the chores. From baking bread to the hours spent every Saturday pulling weeds in the garden, mowing the 1/2 acre lawn to endless loads of laundry. We could not go off in our adventures at the river to play with the water snakes until we had finished our chores.

Our poor mom had to deal with these creatures coming home with us. Yes, my childhood was filled with country life at it’s finest! I didn’t even get into the b-b gun wars, the dart to the back of the neck, or riding on an inner-tube thru an irrigation culvert

17 Responses to “Ten on Thursday”

  1. Lucky Says:

    1) Holy crap. I would have cried. I have only been to Yellowstone once. It was awesome. An ex and I stopped there on our way to Sturgis so everywhere we went in the park was on a motorcycle. AWESOME!

    2) OMG. I relived a childhood memory after reading that. I think every girl has to experience that at least once.

    3) How fun is that! I wish I had grown up in the country!

    4) How many siblings do you have?? My parents thought it would cute if we all had matching shirts. One year, they were Texas flas and my dad’s, sister’s and mine said “Native Texan” on the back. My mom’s said “Naturilized Texan.” DORKS!

    5) Another fun thing!

    6) My mom had a shit fit when she saw my White Zombie CD.

    7) I skinned a lot of knees doing dumb stuff on skateboards!!

    8) We jumped off the roof into our above ground pool! HAHA

    9) OOOH! I want to see a hairspray flame thrower!!!

    10) Snakes? Hell. No.
    My mother would have beat us senseless. Not to mention – you are taught to fear ALL snakes when growing up in west Texas. Rattlesnakes are EVERYWHERE.

  2. Lucky Says:

    is that smilie wearing sunlasses? It was a number 8…

  3. kaylee2 Says:

    okay here we go!

    1.i would hav freaked out….on the other hand maybe if, it was my real mom that left me there I wouldnt have mind.She is so abusive to me.

    2.I am laugjhing at that one sorry!

    3.OMg I would have loved to do that.

    5.how stupid were you back then? 😉 I* am kidding.


    I am hanging in there lets say.I have been struggling both physically and emotionally the last couple of days but, I talked to a counselor and am doing better just in lots of pain 😦

  4. DNR Says:

    OK, so I started to relate my own stories and they came out to almost a page… so, I’m gonna post them tomorrow. Except 9… I’ll post it now for Lucky’s enjoyment.

    9 – There is something very therapeutic about poking a fire, stirring the coals and burning things.

    Ya know, if you knock on the door of an old farm house (the kind that had the key-hole that went all the way through) and waited to hear the foot steps get just close enough… you could use the “hair-spray-flame-thrower” as entertainment… Light it and aim it into the key-hole. The screams could shatter glass and you better run your ass out of there, FAST… at least that is what I’ve heard. What…?

  5. Lucky Says:

    LMAO @ DNR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Red Says:

    I lost my hyman .. hymen .. however the hell you spell it! on one of those fucking bikes when I was like 10 or so. Yeeooowwwww!
    Lovin’ this list. Very funny shtuff!

  7. moonbeammcqueen Says:


    What a wonderful list! Those bikes should have been illegal.

  8. Allison Says:

    Though I enjoyed everything listed, I’m particularly fascinated by the Yellowstone incident (as would be many a child psychologist).

  9. Wendy Says:

    You’re not alone in being left behind by your family. My sister-in-law is from a family of six kids. When the youngest was a newborn, their mother left him at a friend’s house and didn’t realize it for an hour. Or actually, she didn’t realize it at all. They had put him in a bedroom to nap and at the end of the visit they all went home, which was about an hour away. When they got home the phone was ringing, it was the friend calling to say, “You forgot your baby.”

  10. betme Says:

    Lucky ~ I have never been one to panic. You know I thrive off of thrills in life. 😉 Besides, the people in the next camp spot were feeding me cookies until my parents arrived. I can remember wondering if I was going to be living with my new camp family forever.

    I love the t-shirts that your family wore! Our family is HUGE. It consist of a his-hers-and ours family. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, 2 step brothers, 1 cousin that we adopted, and 4 – 1/2 siblings (to brothers two sister).

    Counting me there were 13 of us. Can you see how they might leave one or two or six of us behind?

    Kaylee ~ We need to arrange a tomato war for you! That would be so much fun.

    DNR ~ That is it exactly! Let me know when you get your post up. I can’t wait to hear your tales.

    Red ~ I am curious, did you fear that you would not be able to have babies? This was a real concern of mine.

    Moonbeam ~ Joe Dirt and I have have quite a bit in common. Not hair styles, but plenty of other stuff. 😀

    Allison ~ I wonder if that is one of the many reasons why I always thought I was adopted. 😀

    Wendy ~ I bet it happens quite more than people realize with large families.

  11. Red Says:

    No, I dont believe so. I wasn’t keen on having babies until i was like 19 .. and yeah, I was 19 when I got pregnant 🙂 One of those ‘didnt know if you wanted it til you got it’ type things.

  12. joanharvest Says:

    That was a great list. I lived in the country too, sort of, well as countryish as Rhode Island gets. I may have to post a similar list. This really makes a good meme. Of course for me we are talking the fifties and early sixties. Times were different then. Though it sounds like you did a lot of the same things I did. We didn’t have snakes, thank goodness.

    Were you thinking your parents wouldn’t come back for you or did you realize it was just a bad mistake?

    My son was the skateboarder and I know he hung onto cars. He’s lucky I didn’t catch him. He still skateboards around Buffalo and he’s 26.

  13. Matt Says:

    Great call on “Beth.” I remember how hard I had to convince my parents to let me go see Quiet Riot. Then it got canceled. I totally remember Ben Franklin’s!

  14. betme Says:

    Joan ~ We often were in trouble for bringing snakes, lizards, frogs, and baby birds home with us. I feel bad for my hubby. He was raised in the city and his mom is a germ freak. He was never allowed to play in a puddle or run around bare foot.

    I do remember feeling a twinge of uncertainty when I was sitting at the neighboring camp ground.

    Skateboarding is a good form of exercise. Well, it is good exercise for the one leg that pushes you along. 😀

    Matt ~ Bummer on the cancelled concert. My parents did not tell me “No” very often. Instead they guilted me into obedience. Dad would say, “You are old enough to decide for yourself. But, I will be very disappointed if you chose to go.” He took all the fun out of it.

    Did your Ben Franklins have a soda shop?

  15. purefnevyl Says:

    Not playing God of Thunder was a good choice.

  16. betme Says:

    😀 I would have lost that record for sure.

  17. Raquel Etelvina Graciela Says:

    I haven’t checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last handful of posts are really great quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend. 🙂

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