Laughing at Life

That is exactly what we did all weekend. We laughed so much that Mr. J was concerned strangers were going to call in the authorities and have us hauled off in little white jackets.

Friday night we took a drive to the beach to watch the waves crash.  We then drove to Fulton to see the giant live Oak trees. I would have loved to have these trees to climb and build a fort in when I was young. They are magnificent!


It is hard to stay sad when you are surrounded by such beauty. I took the picture below as the sun was coming up at Aransas Bay. 

It was so rejuvenating and I grimaced at the thought of going back to Houston. Mr. J must have felt the vibe. He turned and asked me if I was ready for an adventure?

ALWAYS! You see, Mr. J and I are Gypsies at heart. We travel light and are most happy when we are out in the world. If we become stuck in our hood for too long, we get restless and irritable. (bet you couldn’t tell from my posts the last week or so… hehehe)

“Good. Go pee and get ready for a drive.”

I always laugh and wrinkle up my nose when he tells me to go pee. I am not five and do not need to be reminded to use the restroom before a long drive. I swear! Just because that one time when I made him stop five miles down the road at a gas station.

Speaking of gas station toilets; I would rather pee behind the building than use one of those nasty places. However, peeing behind the building might land me a spot in the county hotel. And I do not want to be responsible for giving some poor homeless man a heart failure or cause blindness.

So, I place a half a roll of paper on the seat and even then chose to hoover. They need to send in these guys with high pressure hoses to clean the poop off of the seats and floors and walls. Why do people put poop on the walls? (And if you have never been blessed with a trip to a gas station restroom in the hood I am so sorry. Everyone should try it just once. It makes you more appreciative of home and helps to overlook Mr J’s occasional ooops. (how do they miss?)



Me ~ “OK, Mr J. I peed. Can we go now?”  “Where we going?” “Can I get some chocolate while we are gone?” (my brain mouth slipped into overdrive)

Mr. J ~ (looking at me out of the corner of his eye… and yes, I noticed that he was rolling his eyes) “Breathe between questions. You are going to pass out and if you pass out, I am going to take advantage of you.”

Oh that man is such a card. I love telling him just that, but I use my best Boston accent so it sounds as if I am calling him a cod.

So, off we went on an adventure. No plans, no reservations, and no schedules for two days. Just two goofballs on the open road.

When we got to I-10 he made a right and I began to giggle like a school girl. “Are we going where I think we are going?” I asked.

Mr. J had a big grin on his gorgeous face. He just kept saying, “You’ll see.”

This was too much. I grabbed my camera and began snapping pictures. Out of respect for Mr. J’s wishes, I will not post any of the 112 pictures that I took of him making faces at me.

This one I snapped just before I-10

He told me to stop snapping that type of picture as it was his responsibility to turn me over to Homeland Security for taking pictures of chemical plants. I swear that I was taking a picture of the ship channel and the plants jumped into the picture uninvited. (If I quit posting it is because my hubby is a good citizen and called the appropriate authorities.)

As we rolled closer and closer to Looser-Anna Louisiana, I had to ask him again; “Where are we going?”

This time Mr J explained while he tried to keep from laughing, “We are going to spend the night in their town, since they have made themselves comfy in ours.”

We decided that we should be safe in New Orleans with the worst of the hoodlums camping out around the corner from our house.


I took that picture because, well who would want to live in a town called Sulpher? I laid out my thickest Southern drawl and said, “Baay-bee, Can we move to Sulpher, Looser-Anna?”

(I think he cursed at me… something about saying no to crack.)

OH Crack! That reminds me, I want some Looser-Anna Crack!

Ah my sweet was so good at obliging me this trip. He found my favorite crack shop.

I am a crack cracklin junkie. The stuff is so bad for you and tastes so goooooooooooood! Thankfully, we have not found a good place to buy it in Texas.

We then got back on the road… between stuffing our faces with Cajun crack and laughing at the simplicity of everything around us, I almost forgot to continue snapping pictures.

The boat on the right of the picture used to sit on the left side of Lake Charles. Hurricane Rita relocated it to a spot under the bridge that we are on when I snapped the picture. The casino that owned the boat never rebuilt so the boat was bought out by a casino on the right side of the lake.

(Mr J drives fast and the countryside is a bit blurry) 😀 The trees are beginning to show more life. This part of the country was eerie after Rita blew thru. The leaves had been stripped from branches and many of the taller trees were snapped and cast all over the highway.

The gorgeous foyer of our humble abode for the night. I have never seen a Holiday Inn Express that looked so fancy. The rooms were not as elegant but they were clean and the bed had plenty of bounce. I know because I was jumping on it until Mr. J came back with a bucket of ice and caught me.  😀

This is a picture of the best part of the hotel:

Look close. Do you notice anything out of the ordinary? Keep in mind that I am slightly off kilter and thrive off of obscurity.

Take a closer look below.







Hahahaha… we slept next to the cemetery. While we were out eating and then later playing at a casino, I kept asking Mr. J to take me back so we can sleep at the cemetery.

Perhaps I was getting on his nerves because he raised an eyebrow and asked, “Ya want for me to arrange for the boys to tuck ya in for a dirt nap?” (That was his Al Pacino impersonation)

I needed this weekend more than I knew. My cheeks are still sore from all the laughing. Fully recharged, we once again came home…


14 Responses to “Laughing at Life”

  1. Lucky Says:

    What a fantastic trip! I love taking pictures like that. You did a fantastic job.

    I didn’t see the cemetary but I didn’t notice the telephone pole that is on its last leg. Look at it leanin’… I would want to look at the cemetary but sleep in it?? HELLLLLL NO! Still flyin’ that freak flag! 🙂 haha

  2. Red Says:

    Oh man, these kinda trips are the BEST kind. Thanks for posting it, especially with tons o’ pics!
    We love pics.
    And Im glad I aint the only one to take 112 pics of the driver/husband while out venturing.
    It’s great to hear that you’re feeling better .. in a better state than a few days ago.

  3. betme Says:

    Lucky ~ Thanks. I got the idea for this post when I saw your awsome travel pics.

    Because Looser-Anna is mostly swamp land, the cemeteries consist of raised concrete tombs. In small towns you will see the concrete boxes along the highways in peoples yards for family plots. I couldn’t even get Mr. J to walk across the street with me for a close-up pic.

    Red ~ You are right. This is the best kind of trip. More relaxing than the one we planned to the letter last fall.

    So be honest… How many of those hubby shots did yours give you the finger? 😀 I got a couple of those and some great picks of him telling me that he was going to pull over and let me out… hahaha

  4. moonbeammcqueen Says:

    It all sounds so fun and wonderful and romantic! Except for the poop part.

    But the cracklins, hotel and cemetery– that’s fantastic! So are the pics.

  5. trishatruly Says:

    I want a trip like that!! Do you and the hubster do tours?

  6. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    That really is the fanciest Holiday Inn Express.

  7. betme Says:

    Moonbeam ~ We are tucking away every penny to move from our hood, so this excursion was an not the wisest from a money prospective. BUT, oh my gosh was it ever needed for the brief sanity it provided.

    I wish I could send you some cracklins, but they turn hard as rock after a day or two.

    Trisha ~ The Fabulous J’s are coming to a city near you! (not really, but that should be on my tour poster.) I have never been to the East Coast but think that would be a hell of an adventure in itself. With my navigation skills and Mr J’s mad driving skills… 😀

    Thegirlfromtheghetto ~ I know! I have only stayed in a couple. They were nice and clean, but not nearly as fancy. I really wanted to slide down the banister just one time, but couldn’t get Mr J to distract the woman at the counter.

  8. trishatruly Says:

    Come on out to beautiful Northeast Pennsylvania where the hills roll gently , and the natives are friendly!
    I have lots of room on this big old farm for the Fabulous Js anytime!!

  9. Sarah Says:

    What a beautiful trip. Someday I’ll actually make it to the South for a visit. Glad you’re feeling better after your trip.

  10. Peter Parkour Says:

    I used to have an uncle that lived in Sulphur. Not such a bad place. Small town living, gators, and refineries. I’ve been over that bridge over Lake Charles time and time again. Not sure if you know this, but each of those blurry X’s in that bridge picture are a crossed pair of old time pistols (replicas).

    Great post. Great pics. Love the live oaks, all the way from there to Florida. They are awesome. Thank you for sharing. 😉

  11. Lucky Says:

    YAY! I rubbed off on someone! I love documenting a trip with pics… it’s a lot of fun! 🙂

  12. betme Says:

    Trisha ~ I knew you were on the East Coast but had no idea you were that far north. Whens do y’all thaw out up theyr? (hahaha… my Southun slang at it’s best)

    I want to go to DC once in my life and will just have to keep driving North so that I can do the Penn tour!

    Sarah ~ The south is beautiful. Us Southerners take a bit of getting used to. We are sometimes too friendly *Nosy* and have a backwards, but loving way of doing things. But Y’all are welcome anytime. Just let us know and we will fire up the bar-b-que pit and put the beer on ice.

    Peter ~ Now I want to drive back to look at the bridge more closely. I actually love Louisiana. I call it Looser-Anna because my girlfriend from New Orleans calls Texas… Tex-Ass. Old habits die hard. I heard that gators in Loooser-anna are called yard dogs. They keep revenuers at bay. 😀

    Lucky ~ Yeah you are good for many things… making me laugh on a regular basis is just one.

  13. joanharvest Says:

    I loved your trip. That must have been a lot of fun because it was so spur of the moment. Those are the best kind of trips. I loved the pictures too. I guess I don’t know what a cracklin is but I have a feeling it’s not weight watcher’s approved because it sounds too good. I’d pee in my pants before I’d pee at a gas station. I took a little trip this weekend. We drove 80 miles to Boston. The furthest I’ve been from home in 8 years. I wrote about it on my blog.

    I’m glad you had such a good time and Mr. J sounds like a great guy.

  14. betme Says:

    Joan ~ cracklin is a deep fried piece of pork fat with a small amount of attached skin. It is sesoned with a blend of spicy, salty stuff. Probably not on your diet plan.

    I am not so fond of gas station bathrooms but prefer that over driving for hours in soggy panties. Wahoooooo on you adventuring out! 🙂

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