Finding my inner Princess

I have been stuck in a funk. Until I was once again rescued by my knight in shining armor.

The following is a tale of the lost Princess: (condensed version)

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, but naive princess. She wanted nothing more than to be swept off her feet by a handsome prince and to live happily ever after in their castle on the hill, with little babies suckling at her breast and a dog playing in the yard.

(Ya know, basic princess dreams)

In her haste, the princess was mesmerized by a troll disguised as a prince. He had cast a spell upon her so that she could not see that the castle was a mere shack; his beautiful steed, a broke down pick-up.

All was not so bad with the troll. She did after all, still have the beautiful babies, whom she adored. Life was not the fairy tale she sought nor was it a life of sadness and woes.

Alas, the young babies began to grow into handsome young men. The princess doted on her children, lavishing them with hugs and care. The troll was not pleased. His beautiful princess should not love anyone but him.

And the troll proceeded to lock the princess in the castle trailer, allowing her to come out only when the chores called for her to gather groceries from the market. Sensing her sadness the troll feared the princess would try to escape.

He spent countless hours telling the princess that she was not so pretty anymore, that she was too simple to live on her own outside the castle trailer.

The troll’s spell was working, for when the princess looked in the mirror she no longer saw the beauty and youth. She began to believe the troll.

Although haggard, the scraggly princess decided to free herself from the grasp of the troll. It was not an easy journey. The once beautiful princess found herself toiling with the urchins of the city. Her hands and heart became calloused. He hair lost it’s luster. Her eyes lost their shine.

But, she was free and growing stronger with every breath.

One day, much to her surprise and delight, a knight rode into the city and spotted the woman laboring in the field at her desk.  

He could see the beauty that was hidden deep inside and was smitten. The knight swept her away from the drudgery and took her to the beautiful country of Far Far Away Texas.

The woman, now known throughout the kingdom as Lady J was indeed happy. Her knight made to her to feel like a queen. He showered her with gifts from his heart. All was well in her world.

But as the years passed, Lady J began to feel a sadness. When she looked in the mirror, she could no longer see the beauty. Instead she saw the tired woman scrubbing floors in the city. It seems that the troll’s evil words were still lingering in her heart.  

One morning, feeling ever so blue, Lady J stood in front of the mirror brushing her hair… Looking at the tired reflection… Sighing just a little.

And once again, her handsome knight appeared from nowhere. He wrapped his strong arms around Lady J and said, “You are so beautiful.”

Lady J smiled at her knight in the mirror and much to her surprise, it was the face of the beautiful princess that she saw standing with her knight. The princess had never left. Lady J merely needed to reach deep inside and find her again.


4 Responses to “Finding my inner Princess”

  1. Peter Parkour Says:

    Beautiful and sweet. 🙂 I like it.

  2. Wendy Says:

    What a wonderful story, and you told it so well. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. betme Says:

    Peter and Wendy ~ I am glad that you enjoyed it. I spend too much time fantasizing about what could be if…. Failing to see that I am already happy. Doh!

  4. moonbeammcqueen Says:

    What a beautiful story! I hope the troll gets run over by a train in the next installment.

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