The Woes of Aging…

This should go in the Whaaa-Fuckin-Whaaa category

I am getting old (er) and sighing over my lost youth. And it appears that  Trisha understands my pain. Where the hell did my perky boobs and flawless skin go? Who snuck in and replaced my sexy ass with this, this… Oh I cannot even think of a good word for it.

Who stole my crazy dreams of climbing mountains and replaced them with fuzzy thoughts of climbing into bed after the evening news?

I want it back… The energy, the innocence, the joy of digging for worms.


(Me on the right…)

Perhaps if I revert to that hairstyle I will feel more youthful! 😀

When did I develop a fascination with the fricken weather channel?

Why did I have to give up my box of crayons for spread sheets?


I want my body back. When I find the Bitch who stole it, I will be making an immediate exchange… and it will not be pretty!

No longer do we use the zoom lens at our house…  No longer do I show my abs. I have no desire to hear the snickers coming from the little girls, who’s body parts are still sitting in their proper places.

Whaaa-Fuckin-Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. My youthful body has been exchanged for wisdom without my consent.


(alrighty… this is not really me… YET!)


6 Responses to “The Woes of Aging…”

  1. joanharvest Says:

    Well, when I lose the next 120 pounds I’m going to be a thin old lady instead of a fat old lady. I may even dye my hair. I think I’m stuck with the fuzzy brain. I was actually hot in my twenties and then everything went downhill along with my boobs. My sister just turned 65 last week but I swear to God she looks like she’s in her forties, maybe early 50’s. My birthday is not until June so I’m just not going to think about getting old.

  2. romi41 Says:

    Hahahhaha…whatevs, that old lady in the dress is super-cute, and I’d love to be rubbin’ all up on her old-lady-abs…I mean…errr….gotta go (and no I don’t have a granny-fetish, but that’s for me to sort out with my therapist 😉 )

    PS: you’re so damn hot on the inside from your blog, and that makes you hot on the outside no matter what happened to your ass since age 20, so OWN IT BITCH!!!!!!


  3. betme Says:

    Joan ~ I admire your diligence on your diet! I have seen your pictures (the few you have shared) and you are a hottie. I think we need to heed Romi’s advice and OWN IT!

    Romi ~ You crack me up. I think Granny fettishes are cool. I love snuggling with my granny. She is so soft and cuddly.

  4. Murder of Ravens Says:

    Oh, come now! Don’t be so dismal! There are those of us who prefer a mature woman to a callow teen. And I’ll be you’re still pretty hot!


  5. Murder of Ravens Says:

    Oh, and by the way, you mentioned in a comment you left on my blog that our sons overlapped each other in Iraq by six months. I certainly hope he is well! God bless him!

  6. betme Says:

    Aw Smith ~ You are good for my soul. I think a good deal of my hot has been exchanged with flashes. 😉

    Thanks for the well wishes for my son. I worry about him, as he seems so quiet and withdrawn since returning. War certainly is Hell on our young troops. Hugs to you and yours.

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