Do Men Cringe?

It is rolling around again. St Valentine has sent Cupid to pull back the bow. What does this mean to the fabulous people in our lives?

Have I become such a cynical woman that can no longer be wooed by flowers and glittery trinkets? Show me that you love me without buying my heart. You don’t need to go out of your way… a kiss on the neck, a lingering hug when I am exhausted, a kind word, a gentle tease, a simple smile.

But, these are the little things that make my life so blissful on a regular basis.   I feel for my hubby. He is drawn in by the marketing circus, adamant in reassuring me of his love and devotion with gifts.

Baby, baby baby… sigh… just love me as deeply as I love you. It is quite simple. (In my mind)

Yet, I know he is sweating this silly holiday again this year. Last year he stopped in Dillard’s to buy me a cashmere sweater. Yes, he spoils me.

The snooty sales wench obstinate sales associate looked down her pointy nose and asked my husband if he was aware of the cost of the sweater.    

Rule number one when trying to sale an item to my husband: Never imply he does not have enough money. PLEEEEEEEEEEEZE!

When faced with an insulting  clerk, I will explain my disdain and take my business elsewhere. I don’t have the time or patience to deal with those who assume I am not worthy of their time.

*Silly minions, it is you who are not worthy of my presence.*

 When I finally reach the level of the ridiculously wealthy, I will shop at will. Snubbing the snobs, while dressed in my favorite pair of hole filled 501s, fuzzy slippers, and paint splattered sweat shirt.

Judge me on my appearance and I will take my riches to the bargain store and make someone, who is much less pretentious, very happy.

Sorry, I rambled off topic: Back to my gorgeous hunk of husband and the bitty in the sweater department. My hubby should have walked away. Alas, he detests being looked down upon.

So, he showed her that he could afford the sweater by purchasing me six! Yes, I recieved six cashmere sweaters for Valentines Day! Now don’t get me wrong, they are all equally beautiful. One would have been perfect, two would have left me feeling bad because my gift was not even close in price…But, six!?!?

I laughed hysterically. Gosh, thanks sweetie. You have out-done yourself again this year!

I have overheard women exclaiming, “He had better get me diamonds this year!’

What the Hell? He had better??? or what? Will you divorce him or simply make his life a living hell? Will he be sleeping on the couch? Or even worse, will you withhold sex?

… And this will get you where exactly? Your loved one (you do love him right?) is coerced into mortgaging his soul for a piece of ass?

Silly, silly people… simplify the day. The gift giving taking is getting out of hand.

To my Honey: If you feel the need to spend money on me this year, stop in and get me a pound of my favoites at Kegg’s .

After all on Valentine’s Day my gift to you will be a homemade meal of stuffed lobster tail, asparagus, and a yummy dessert; a provocative strip tease in front of the fireplace (if the weather cooperates); and my heart.

Leave the shiny gifts for trading with the natives.


I just need you!

So here is your chance Men: What do you really want to give and receive? What would make the day perfect? (Yes, I am just using you. Looking for extra ideas to make my honey grin) 


10 Responses to “Do Men Cringe?”

  1. moonbeammcqueen Says:

    Oh my gosh– how sweet! I wish some of your husband’s romantic ways would rub off on my boyfriend. I’d settle for one thread from a cashmere sweater, just to denote that he was at least looking. It’s not the gift but the thought that counts, and I could use a little more thought sometimes.

  2. SK Says:

    Hubby and I agreed long ago that we would ignore this made up holiday. Our friends would go into debt to buy ridiculous gifts for their other half, and we never saw the reason. We do special things for each other every day! The one day that we go all out though is our anniversary, and yes I did say he’d better get me diamonds this year!! lol After a certain number of years, you do earn things : )

  3. Tracy Says:

    Hubby and I have been married for 12.5 years and have known each other for 15. He asked me to marry him on Valentine’s Day and as far as I’m concerned because of that, he’s exempt from this holiday for the rest of his life LOLOLOL

    Seriously, dinner out without the kids, and a few books I purchase myself online and I’m a happy camper! ;o)

  4. LL Says:

    I’d be happy for my sweetie to surprise me by flying home and fucking the ever-lovin’ stuffings out of me.

    Yeah, I’m a major romantic as you can tell. haha

  5. Wendy Says:

    You both sound really sweet with each other. And that sales clerk should be shot.

  6. Red Says:

    Oh I love this post .. I do hope he reads it.

  7. betme Says:

    Moonbeam ~ He really is a sweety (In a manly-man kind of way) and very sentimental. He still carries the movie tickets from our first date.

    SK ~ How many years do we put in before we can claim that we have ‘earned it’ ??? 😀 I may have earned riches beyond my wildest dreams on our honeymoon… hahaha…

    Tracy ~ I was thinking about you. (not because of Valentine’s Day) I agree, your husband sounds like a romantic based solely on his choice of proposal dates. To buck the system, my brother proposed to his wife on Friday the 13th.

    LL ~ What are the chances that you will be getting and giving your ROMANTIC Valentine’s gifts?

    Wendy ~ This is number two for both of us. We both understand what commitment means this go around.

    Red ~ Thank you… I tried to explain again to him this morning. But, I don’t think he listens to what I am saying while we are having morning sex. *shrugs*

  8. LL Says:

    It absolutely won’t happen unless I buy a ticket out of town and go to him. He’s kind of that manly man type that doesn’t really think about details, if you know what I mean. *sigh* To be honest, I’m just glad he emails me every night, even if it IS lots of raunchy sex talk. hahahahaha I gotta tell ya, there’s something sooooooooo sexy and hot and ummmm, Valentine-y (ok, I’m tryin’ to stick with the topic here!! I really am!!) when he walks away from me naked. I practically fall off the bed when I see that view. *grin*

  9. romi41 Says:

    oohh…I really enjoyed this post; your husband is the best with the 6 sweaters, but reallly I probably would’ve stolen 6 and hoped that it came out of that bitch’s commission…hahaha….

    sigh…even when I’m single I love the idea of Valentine’s Day…I don’t think it’s actually important because yes, it’s better to be nice on any old random day, but the “idea” of it…is….sigh….haha 😉

  10. SK Says:

    “SK ~ How many years do we put in before we can claim that we have ‘earned it’ ???”

    30 worked for me : )

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