He is going to put his foot down!

He is after-all the ‘Man of the House.”

… And he is after-all “very serious.”


There is discontent in the Loony-bin. (aka our humble abode)

I have been at war with the electric company. No guns, no ammo, no troop support. In fact, I doubt that Reliant Energy is even aware of the battle.

You see, they molest us every summer with $400.00 plus monthly bills.

Our options are:

a) pay up the extortion fees


b) waste away in our sauna like summers

They have us by the balls… sweaty, sticky… OK, I don’t have a set… But, you get the picture.

In the winter I strike back! I refuse to turn on the heat. They cannot force me to use their product in excess. Living in SE Texas, this is not a big deal. We put on sweaters and warm socks and have the fireplace roaring. Nannie-nannie …

There were a couple times when it dropped into the 30’s that I almost folded. But instead threw a couple more logs on the fire and an extra blanket on the bed.

Mr. J has mumbled a few times and I laugh and tell him to quit whining like a girlie-man.

“Buck up, Bucko… quit wussing out on me”

Weeellllllllllll…. The past couple days have been rough. It was 72 fricken degrees at 05:00 this morning! WTH???

We are sleeping with the windows open and nothing more than a sheet over us. I don’t want him to snuggle with me because we STICK to each other. It is FEBRUARY! Where is the cold front?

OK, this morning Mr. J said, “I am putting my foot down. The A/C has to come back on.”

It is Mutha-fricken-February! No way do they get my money in February!

I calmly responded, “Honey, there is another cold front coming thru tomorrow. Let’s wait this out one more day.”

(I didn’t tell him that the cold front meant it was going to drop allllllllll the way down into the 60’s)

He gave me a steely stare and said, “Lou, I am serious. I need some air in here.”

(One day I will tell you why he calls me Lou or Loopy or Loupanilla or Loopus … My stalker tales)

I must have had a glazed over look on my face (a defense mechanism extraordinaire) because he repeated, “Lou! Do you hear me? I am putting my foot down.”

(I can never take him serious when he utters the phrase, I am putting my foot down.)

So, nonchalantly I shrugged and said, “While you are putting your foot down, do you mind putting your other foot down and walking into the kitchen and getting me some lemonade?”

He burst out laughing and said, “You know you are crazy, right?”

“Uhhhhh… Yeah! And so did you when you married me. What is the hold up with the lemonade? Lots of ice honey!”

I swear… Tepid showers in February just to cool off. Reliant Energy must have a contract with the devil.


5 Responses to “He is going to put his foot down!”

  1. DNR Says:

    Very funny!!! Can’t wait for the Lou stories.

  2. Red Says:

    hahaa! Same here ..
    It was in the 70s yesterday, and 74.6 in the house .. which is HOTTT, compared to the cozy 68 degrees that we prefer .. HE wanted the AC on .. I fucking refused. Open a window . .Take off your clothes . . Take a cold shower. NO A/C on in February!

  3. Allison Says:

    That totally sounds like something I would do (I loathe utility bills). Likewise, that sounds very much so like something my husband would (attempt to) do.

  4. SK Says:

    Should be 75 here by Sunday! And I just know we’re gonna have that same argument. lol

  5. betme Says:

    DNR ~ It is kind of funny to think about the stalker now… long after the fact.

    Red ~ The worst part about the hot winter nights would be the fact that I am too uncomfortable to be intimate. Winter time is supposed to be baby making time of the year. (statistically) Unless he wants to join me in the cool shower, all bets are off.

    Allison ~ I fear the bills this summer. Especially with the problems keeping the nuclear plants running in the south. Perhaps we should make our husbands some of those paper fans that we made as children.

    SK ~ We have been helped with a bit of a breeze from the North. Remind your hubby that you are just preparing him for July (and ask him to add a splash of Vodka to your glass of lemonade.) 😉

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