Break out the Soap

We are about to be slammed with a HUGE shower … It is so dark right now that the photo-sensored lights kicked on. And the air is heavy… so quiet… Eeeeeeeeerieeeee

This is what the air was like before the one and only tornado I was near.

NWS Radar here is the live radar! (I am freakish in my love of big bad nasty storms. The uglier the better!

Edit: I just had a brain fart. The radar image is only awesome if you happen to click on it during the storm… Duh!


4 Responses to “Break out the Soap”

  1. DNR Says:

    I love big t-storms too. I’m not 100% sure when you posted this but I think I see the storm off in the gulf now… (01/31/08 – 2:00 EST) This weekend is my storm spotter class. I can’t wait!!

    If you look at the Indy area, you can see the big storm we are suppose to get tonight. Starts with snow, changes to sleet then back to snow. I’ve heard anything from 3” to 12”. It will all depend on how warm it gets and for how long.

    The good thing, tomorrow may be a snow day!!!

  2. betme Says:

    DNR ~ I just pulled up the national radar! You are in for a nice night. I think I check the live radars at least twenty times per week. Yes, that was the little storm that passed thu here. I posted at 09:00 CMT

    I hope you blog about storm watching after your class. That stuff is facinating!

  3. Red Says:

    Big ugly storms? Scaaaary!! DNR will be getting the storm after us, I do believe .. we have sleet right now, soon to change over to snow.

  4. indianamatt Says:

    Love the radar gaff! 🙂

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