Be Careful What You Ask For!

You never know what you will get when dealing with a hormonal driven woman who has been averaging 3.5 hours of sleep per night. 

I can flip from sarcastic funny woman to sarcastic scary bitch in .03 millionths of a second. 

…And then back before you have a chance to wipe the fear induced sweat that is trickling down the back of your neck. 

I am WOMAN! And when I once again gain control, I too will be frightened by the mayhem I left behind. 

Yes, it is once again my happy fricken period time! Day two and most of my coworkers have called in sick. I am not retarded. You are not sick; you are merely cowards…

afraid of my ability to snap your scrawny necks with my glare. 

Hahahaha…. Just kidding!

That is how I feel on the inside, but on the outside I am as sweet (and messy) as the maple that drips from the trees! 

My coworkers love me. They have to or I will kill them. Bwahahahahaa… 

OK, before you call 911, I am ok. My coworkers are in no danger (except Bob, he might have to go) 

I am going to heat up some yummy left-overs. I made sausage, spinach, and cheese filled ravioli with a delicious marinara sauce for dinner last night. Comfort food has the power to bring back the good voices in my head and quiet the evil bitch. 

Speaking of comfort foods… Why do I crave marinara sauce when Auntie Flo rears her ugly head?

Is it a color association thing? 

Nah, can’t be. When I have a terrible sinus infection I do not crave runny eggs. 

And when I have diarrhea … hmmmm… I do eat… no… OK, I will stop…

5 Responses to “Be Careful What You Ask For!”

  1. SexyCoolSuperSpy Says:

    I want to post a funny and flippant reply… but…

    … I’m scared.

  2. DNR Says:

    BAWhahahahaha!!!! Excellent, worth the wait.

    I have two sons. We leave the house one week each month. A buddy has 4 daughters… he said if he doesn’t plan things out right, he gets tortured one week a month. Yeah they all cycle together (he says) within a few days.

    When he says ‘I ain’t sceered’, I believe him!

  3. SK Says:

    Happy to see you back!

    Nah can’t be color association cuz I crave green chilis 🙂

  4. Paperspoons Says:

    Ha. Hilarious!

  5. Red Says:

    Mmmm . .chocolate mousse.

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