Tomorrow is the big day!

I am such a coward.

Seriously, I worry entirely too much about what others think about me.

Yes, I am stressing my pap smear tomorrow.

A couple days ago my hubby and I had a wicked romp in the sack… Ok, maybe on the floor too… Ok, maybe the shower as well.

Yes, I am bragging.

Now I get to go sit with my feet in the stirrups and let the Doc see the scratch marks on my ass.

And I was worried about looking too freaky with my kitty shaved.


6 Responses to “Tomorrow is the big day!”

  1. ~Jack~ Says:

    I’m sure he’s seen a lot worse. Fear not.

  2. betme Says:

    hee- hee-heeeeeeee. He didn’t even mention the scratches. He was more concerned about the bruises on my arm. I swear he gave me the third degree.

    He asked if my husband is ever abusive? Does he drink? etc.

    Ummmm…. No, my low iron causes easy bruising and I am s super klutz. Add those two factors together and Whala!

    Those two bruises were nothing. He should have seen me after I decided to move all the furniture around in the house! I had some beautiful shades of blue, purple, green, black, and yellow. I was so purty and could color coordinate my outfit to match my skin!

  3. LL Says:

    Heh, I see you survived. 😉

  4. betme Says:

    Yeppers, I’m a survivor. I think the Doc survived as well. 😀

  5. Chickie Says:

    I’m about 1 1/2 years past due for mine. Damn appointment keeps popping up when it’s that time of the month. Damn me keeps procrastinating on booking another one.

  6. betme Says:

    Ha… I use the time of the month as an excuse too. Drag your good in for an exam!

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