Oh the Pain…

Stupid Hurts

Well, that is what they say.

… is that why I have this frickin headache?

If I were too dumb to worry about what was going on in the world, I would have less stress and would not be in so much pain.

So which is it?

Too stupid to stop stressing or too smart to think the problems will go away on their own?

Shit, this thinking is going to make my head explode.  I need a drink…

Just enough to help me forget a few issues for a bit…

Crap, that will never work. After a couple drinks and I am too stupid to limit myself. I will have one too many and wake up with a much worse headache.

A vicious merry-go-round I am riding this morning.

Someone please hit the “Numb-ass” button on my remote control before I fly into sensory overload mode.

Chocolate…………… I think I can reach the bowl……… send a search party if I am not heard from by Friday…….. must reach chocolate……..


2 Responses to “Oh the Pain…”

  1. SK Says:

    Oh damn, I feel your pain. Yesterday was my turn, til I drank it into submission. ACK! At least turn off the news, that stuff will make anybody sick 😦

  2. betme Says:

    Oh the joys and pains of medicinal doses of alcohol. I hope you worked thru your bad day.

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